Sources in Dakar have informed The Fatu Network that lawyer El hadj Diouf and Sam Sarr are working hand in hand and that the two are currently talking over the phone on a daily basis in their quest to help Jammeh stay in power.

Upon receiving this information, we contacted Sam Sarr who was recently appointed as Gambia’s Ambassador to Washington to shed light on the issue. Sam told us that he spoke to Diouf once through a Senegalese mediator and found out that even though they both share the same opinion that the elections are flawed, their presentations are different in that Diouf is more general in his narration than specific. ‘I am more specific with the information gathered than he is’ Sam said.

Meanwhile, one of Senegal’s prominent MPs, Moustapha Diakhate, who is said to be close to President Macky Sall , said on TFM that the Senegalese government will not let El Hadj Diouf meddle in Gambian affairs to side with injustice for his selfish interest.