Thursday, July 25, 2024

Sabally dumps UDP for President Barrow’s NPP?

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By: Hadram Hydara

Momodou Sabally, the campaign manager of the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP), has officially joined President Adama Barrow’s ruling National People’s Party (NPP) — UDP’s diaspora secretary, Mboge Saidykhan, says.

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Sabally, who served as Secretary General and head of the Civil Service under former President Yahya Jammeh’s regime, officially joined the UDP in 2019, three years after the 2016 coalition defeated Jammeh in the presidential election.

“There has been a rumour going on for a while now that I want to address; the news of Sabally joining NPP. This is something we have been investigating for more than two weeks, and I can confirm that the news is true,” Mboge said in a WhatsApp audio recording.

Sabally is a vocal critic of President Barrow’s administration and has been arrested multiple times for his strong rhetoric against the government.

Sources close to the Presidency have told The Fatu Network that, Sabally and President Barrow have already met and resolved their political differences, putting the past behind them.

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Meanwhile, Mboge, who broke the news of Sabally’s move to the NPP, has wished him well and called on UDP members and supporters, particularly those in the diaspora, to remain patient regarding what has happened.

“This [Sabally’s move to NPP] is sad and traumatic because when you look at it, we [UDP] have overcome so many obstacles with Sabally.

“When he joined the party, UDP and its members gave him all the respect and honour they could have given him. So, he decided he wanted to leave because he no longer believed in the direction the party was taking, what we could do is tell him thank you,” he said.

However, the UDP’s Spokesperson Almamy Fanding Taal has told The Fatu Network that he has “no information” on Sabally’s alleged move to NPP, promising to share if he does. Meanwhile, Seedy Njie, NPP’s deputy spokesperson, told The Fatu Network that the news [of Sabally joining NPP] is “false”.

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The Fatu Network could not reach Mr Sabally for comment.

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