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Rejoinder to the news item published on 27th September 2023 by The Fatu Network captioned SEMLEX country rep. accuses ASP Baldeh of conspiring to sell The Gambia’s ID database to Ghanaian cybersecurity firm

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Ramsys InfoTech Solutions has reacted to The Fatu Network story titled “SEMLEX country rep. accuses ASP Baldeh of conspiring to sell The Gambia’s ID database to Ghanaian cyber security firm”, where it was alleged by Momodou Sowe, a SEMLEX country representative, that one ASP Sana K Baldeh, an IT officer at SEMLEX, tried to sell The Gambia’s national identity database to Ramsys InfoTech Solutions.

In a bid to debunk the allegations and clarify its name, Ramsys InfoTech Solutions has sent The Fatu Network a rejoinder and it reads, verbatim:

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“The attention of Management of RAMSYS INFOTECH SOLUTIONS has been drawn to a misleading news report published on the 27th of September on the FATU NETWORK ONLINE NEWS PORTAL FATU NETWORK WEBSITE AND ITS SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS captioned “SEMLEX Country Rep. Accuses ASP Baldeh of Conspiring to Sell the Gambia’s ID Database to Ghanaian Cyber Security Firm. This news item is blatantly false, malicious and preposterous. Unfortunately, the story was published without the benefit of hearing our side as expected. The allegations reportedly made against our company, the honorable minister and a serving police office are very serious as a subject of national interest. As a reputable company that operates within the confines of the law, we deem it necessary to debunk the falsehood, reportedly made by the representative of Semlex for reasons best known to him. It is unfortunate such allegations were published without hearing our side to ensure the public have a balanced view.  We wish to state the allegations made by the Semlex representative are completely untrue and baseless. For the record, and in the interest of setting the record straight, the facts are as follows.

“Ramsys or any of its representatives has never been involved in any conspiracy to buy the Gambia’s national identification database and there has never been such meeting with anyone in the Gambia. Furthermore, Ramsys has no interest whatsoever in the said database and is not in that line of business. The allegations are fanciful and untruthful.

  1. “Ramsys or its representative has never dealt with the Minister mentioned or nor has the company had a meeting with him or any of his associates either in the Gambia or anywhere else for that matter.
  2. “Ramsys has never invited the minister in question to Ghana and for that matter have never had Ramsys any meeting with the said minister on any project in Ghana or anywhere ever before. It must be put on record that Ramsys Infotech Solutions does not do any business in national identification domain and has no interest in the said project.
  3. “ASP Baldeh never introduced our firm to the minister as a focal person as alleged. This is strange since no discussions happened between the CEO of Ramsys and the said ASP.
  4. “It must be stated that, Ramsys since 2011, has been working for several institutions in the Gambia, both in the public and the private sector. Ramsys infotech since established has worked across a number of institutions in Ghana and others within the continent of Africa with high moral standard in all our dealings.
  5. “Ramsys CEO while in the Gambia never called ASP BALDEH for advice on accessing the server backup system, and no attempt was made to hack into the Semlex server. We are a cyber security consulting firm offering services that protect the IT systems of both the public and private sector. From inception to date we have never been acccused of or have a record of illegally breaking into any systems in our 13+ years of operating across the continent prior to false allegation of Semlex.
  6. “The accuser did not even read the letter well and they never understood the content of the letter sent to ASP Baldeh, requesting for a 2 hours cyber security awareness training which letter with the same content was sent to almost all the ministries and parastatals with the same request to train their staff on gratis. Its is therefore inaccurate for the accuser to use the duration the firm CEO was supposed to be in the Gambia as the duration for the training for the POLICE/ SEMLEX.
  7. “It is strange that the content of so-called intercepted letter was not published, and the journalist could not simply published the said letter alongside his report on the allegations as evidence to their publication.
  8. “No discussion was carried out by ASP on any contract neither was the said ASP promised any money by Ramsys. The claim that ASP promised 15% of revenue generated from their donors and partners as alluded by the accuser totally false. This is ridiculous.
  9. “The Company is willing to cooperate with any law enforcement institutions if any accuser can provide evidence of all the claims made in the news portal. Until then, I entreat all well-meaning Gambians and stakeholders on these issues to treat the story with contempt it deserves.
  10. “In the said publication, Fatu Network admits that it could not reach Ramsys InfoTech Solutions for comments, and yet the publisher saw it wise to publish the name of the company whose reps were not given a proper opportunity to respond to the veracity or otherwise of the claims before publishing it. This is very unfortunate to say the least.
  11. “Ramsys InfoTech Solutions is a specialized Information Technology Solution Provider, providing Consulting Services in Systems Integration, Systems High availability, Disaster Recovery Strategies, Cyber Security Consulting, and IT/Management Certification training and does not work on national identification systems.
  12. “It is my considered opinion that we cannot run a society where people are allowed to make irresponsible and reckless statements for whatever reason that inspires them just to destroy the reputation of others and their firms.

“In light of the above, Ramsys Infotech Solutions urges FATU NETWORK as a matter of urgency publish this rejoinder in response to their Online Publication of 27TH SEPTEMBER  2023.

Thank you.

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Emmanuel Arthur



Editor’s Note: The Fatu Network tried and could not reach Ramsys InfoTech Solutions for comments as indicated in the original story titled “SEMLEX country rep. accuses ASP Baldeh of conspiring to sell The Gambia’s ID database to Ghanaian cyber security firm”, however, The Fatu Network wishes to make it clear that Ramsys InfoTech Solutions’ clarification is noted and welcomed.

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