Tuesday, November 28, 2023

QNET has nothing to do with the case of illegal immigration in The Gambia and condemns misrepresentation

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Press release

QNET has been made aware of a report in Thepoint.gm, an online news portal, where the Gambia Migration Department stated that 98 migrants who travelled illegally from Guinea and Togo were arrested in Tanji, Gambia, allegedly through the arrangement of a Gambian company called QNET.

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QNET has nothing to do with this incident. QNET strongly condemns the actions of these unscrupulous individuals who arranged illegal cross-border movements and misrepresented the QNET brand for their criminal activities in The Gambia. QNET has not registered any company in The Gambia. QNET’s distributors operate in The Gambia as Independent Representatives (IRs).

QNET, which respects the rule of law in The Gambia and all countries it operates in, will undertake all necessary action to protect its business and its name.

QNET is an e-commerce based direct selling company that sells high-quality products and services to customers around the world and provides an opportunity to aspiring entrepreneurs to build an e-commerce enabled sales business using the QNET direct selling business opportunity. Since its inception 23 years ago, QNET has helped hundreds of thousands of customers take charge of their health, wellness, and lifestyle with its products and business opportunity in nearly 100 countries globally. Every training and process is undertaken to ensure that our distributors, known as IRs, personally commit to our strict Code of Conduct and Policies & Procedures while conducting the QNET direct selling business.

QNET commits to assure members of the public and all authorities concerned that swift and stern action will be taken against those who seek to tarnish the company’s name through their activities. QNET is available to cooperate with any relevant state agencies to identify and punish the culprits.

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More on QNET

QNET is a 23-year-old international e-commerce based direct selling company with offices around the world. QNET sells a wide range of high-quality products and services to customers through our e-commerce platform. The direct selling industry is more than 100 years old and is recognized as a high potential industry for developing entrepreneurs in many advanced economies. The global Direct Selling industry generated nearly USD 180 billion last year with around 25 countries reporting that they had generated over USD 1 billion in revenues through direct selling.


  1. Don’t extort, force people into recruitment
  2. Don’t steal or misuse money given for product purchase.
  3. Don’t misrepresent the compensation plan, especially by guaranteeing fixed income.
  4. Don’t offer job opportunities with guaranteed income.
  5. Don’t claim we are an ‘investment opportunity’ to represent the business.
  6. Don’t overpromise what the product can do
  7. Don’t violate the guidelines for operating home offices in the name of QNET
  8. Don’t recruit minors
  9. Don’t talk to media on behalf of QNET
  10. Don’t control someone else’s Quest Account and Virtual Office


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