Fatu Radio has got irrefutable news that Dictator Yahya Jammeh has been quarantined in Basse since Monday where he is currently secluded in the Presidential Guest House. Presently only the inner circle of the President’s security details are the ones having access to him including a select number of personal doctors.

As we put this piece together, almost 60% of the activities on the Presidential itinerary for the Meet-The-People-Tour have been cancelled. The President is said to be gravely ill and is bed ridden. He is said to be seriously fatigued. One source has told Fatu Radio how panic stricken trusted security guards have been ushering in doctors…. Full Story Here

One source has told Fatu Radio how panic stricken trusted security guards have been ushering in doctors in and out of the Presidential Guest House in Basse with pale faces, sometimes they doctors themselves worried about what they have seen how bad the president’s health has deteriorated.Although the Gambian President has kept tight lip over his health status, confirmed reports obtained by Fatu Radio revealed that Dictator Yahya Jammeh is suffering from advanced diabetes compounded by a very high cholesterol level.

Currently, Ansumana Jammeh, the President’s half-brother has arrived in Basse a few minutes ago. Dictator Jammeh personally requested Ansumana to be quickly rushed to Basse to be by his bedside. One of our credible sources has said that Dictator Jammeh maybe flown out of the country for possible medical treatment. Fatu Radio is deeply following the events in Base with keen interest and we will update our listeners and readers with any latest information we have. It could be recalled that just a few days ago, Dictator Jammeh was in Janjanbureh threatening to kill those he perceived as trouble makers.

He warned by swearing to the Holy Quran and invoking Allah’s names that any politician trying to fan trouble in the country would not live to witness the 2016 election. The Dictator in his usual threats said: “The Gambia needs to be cleansed of those trouble makers and irresponsible politicians who think that they can rely on hate and bigotry to get to power. I have only one word for them. Get your acts together or you will not live to witness the elections. We will kill the trouble makers and nothing will come out of it,” he said. Meanwhile as fate would have it, it is Dictator Jammeh who is now currently bed ridden said to be seriously sick.