Friday, September 29, 2023

President Barrow: ‘All the candidates we choose are development-oriented people with clear track records’

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Addressing a crowd of supporters and sympathizers of the National People’s Party (NPP) yesterday, April 30 at a rally in Tallinding after the nomination of his party contestants across the seven administrative regions, President Adama Barrow told supporters that all of the party’s candidates are development-oriented candidates with track records.

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“All the candidates we choose are development-oriented people with clear track records.

“Their work is out for everyone to see. In Banjul, Ebou Faye is a dynamic youth leader, and Bakary Y. Badjie has proven himself as a competent leader during his time as minister of youths and sports.

“He helps the country to qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations for the first time. During his term, they improved in the sporting area making a great record.

“Seedy Ceesay is a businessman with a clear goal and he is a committed young person. His programme at QTV is centred on the development and everyone watches it,” he informed the rally attendees.

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Barrow, who is optimistic of victory in the mayoral and chairmanship elections despite losing most of their contested seats to the United Democratic Party (UDP) in the recently concluded councillorship election, urged Gambians to rally behind his candidates.

“I am calling on all to rally behind our candidates for a continuation of development.

“To all those who intended to contest under the NPP and were not chosen, I’m calling you to support the chosen candidates for the betterment of our councils,” he added.

“The NPP leader told the rally attendees that the council particularly KMC has witnessed little or no improvement from the revenue collected over the past years.

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Barrow said the turnout of the people after the nomination of his candidates manifested that they are the winning party.

He argued that the incumbent mayor has not brought any development to the council.

“Talib has failed to develop the council, but Bakary Badjie will bring the needed development in the council if elected,” he asserted.

The Gambian president further revealed that people will elect someone in his/her first term but reiterated that the second-term election of an incumbent is based on his/her development achievements.

“What I did in the past years is out there and people can see it. So, this is why I was given the second term,” he said.

As the country is now preparing for the campaigns for candidates to canvass for votes in their respective areas, Barrow reminded Gambians to maintain peace and campaign peacefully to ensure the existing democracy is not undermined.

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