Monday, June 17, 2024

PPP Media committee calls for boycott of Jammeh’s Vison 2020 Meat Sale

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By PPP Media and Communications.

Boycott Dictator Yaya Jammeh’s so-called Vision2020 Meat Sale being run out of the failed Kanifing Municipal Council !!! Boycott any business associated with the Kanilai ( KGI ) criminal cartel…

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Dictator Yaya Jammeh’s economic policy defies conventional wisdom!! Put another way; What is Dictator Yaya Jammeh’s economic policy? We know it’s Not free market liberal, and private sector led, to accentuate our advantages, …our comparative advantage.


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Dictator Yaya Jammeh’s economic policies are more akin to what can only be called “personal” command economics, which is worse than a socialist state led, in which the states dictates and controls the means and methods of production, and much more.



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In a “personal command economy”, a totalitarian leader does not trust the advise of his own experts on loosening his grip on the economy. He is paranoid about the economy getting out control in terms of inflation, prices, goods shortages, or anybody outside his circle of enablers, the oligarchy, dominating any sector of the economy. The paranoid leader does not believe in the concept of demand and supply, or a free floating currency, exchange rates, against the major global currencies, namely the US dollar and the Pound sterling. The Dictator is suspicious of the major international lending and developmental organizations, like the World, IMF, The European Union, or even the African Development Bank, or the United Nations. His obsession to holding on to power at any cost, makes him believe that there is a conspiracy under every rock, or behind every tree.



The totalitarian leader is obsessed with owning and controlling major sections of the economy that directly affect the daily lives of his subjects. He anoints himself as the provider, the benefactor in times of need, or acute shortage of basic commodities, or skyrocketing prices. He regularly defies advise during high demand periods of basic goods, by inserting himself in the economy. He routinely decrees unannounced price controls, or undersells, or undercuts legitimate businesses who play by the rules, and pay all the required taxes, provide employment, all along the supply chain.



Another weapon at his disposal is to confiscate properties of his perceived enemies, or people who have not publicly declared their support, through allegations of tax evasion, or excuse of “national security” ; example, business tycoons Alagie Jawara, Modou “Peul” Jallow – Senfour” or he will take vast tracts of arable land out of production, in the name of a future ” Vision “!



The biggest economic crime in a “personal command economy”, is forcing poor farmers to sell their products to him at cut throat prices. Farmers are forbidden from going across the border to sell their products to the highest bidder, to take advantage of the free market. The poor farmers are threatened with treason and imprisonment for trying to earn more, and lift themselves out of poverty.



Finally, the dictator becomes suspicious of trade, or the terms of trade that are increasingly unfavorable to him, with huge trade deficits. He seeks refuge in economic nationalism, import substitution industries, autarky, or self- reliance- ” eat what you grow, or grow what you eat”! Behind the scenes, he is busy with his wife hoarding scarce high value products from wholesalers like Costco, or Sams Club!



The concomitant consequences of a “personal command economy” is that; it destroys industries, jobs, deepens poverty, and people gradually withdraw from participating in the economy because it is no longer lucrative or rewarding. Many simply give up to destiny, fatalism, and accept their condition, and convince themselves that they can no longer change their condition through honesty and hard work alone.



Some choose to deepen their religious beliefs, practices, superstition, and invest more in the promises of after life, heaven. Now they have surrendered both their political and economic freedoms, and insulate themselves with Spartan nerves, to be oblivious to the harsh realities around them. The young and restless, simply abandon and seek flight, instead of fighting….Backway Syndrome, brain drain and capital flight sets in.



Religious fundamentalists, or merchants of doom begin to take prominence in the day to day running of affairs in collaboration with the dictator through misplaced benevolence, resource redistribution.



By this time, a proud, broken and defeated people have accepted begging as a way of life, as a way of providing some semblance of dignity to their families. It becomes a matter of survival, every man or woman for himself, and God for us all…..



Does the description above fit the profile of a Dictator and people near you? ….



We must defeat Dictator Yaya Jammeh’s tyranny and misrule, to restore order, rule of law, human rights, political and economic rights, prosperity to our people and end this unsustainable dependence, and asymmetric relationship between the Diaspora and families back home….



Please tell your families to Boycott the so called “Vision 2020 Meat Sale”, and any business associated with the KGI , Kanilai criminal cartel. Encourage and urge for them to spend their monies with the local market butchers or other legitimate corner shops, who will recycle that disposal income back into the economy, thus providing employment for your brothers and sisters.




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By PPP Media and Communications

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