Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Popular Gambia Nasheed singer set to participate in international Nasheed concert in UAE

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By Alieu Jallow

Abubacarr Mishari Njie, a renowned Nasheed singer from Gambia, is scheduled to travel to the United Arab Emirates to take part in an international Nasheed concert.

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Last November the songster participated in a similar concert capturing the hearts of many and leaving footprints in the scriptures among the Arabian Peninsula.

His remarkable performance last year earned him another call for participation this year. Ahead of the concern, Njie is optimistic about making another stride.

“My objective for the second trip to the UAE for an Islamic concert would be to participate in and contribute to a cultural exchange event that promotes understanding, unity, and appreciation of Nasheed and arts”.

Mr Njie will be performing and collaborating with local artists as well as taking part in workshops that will discuss topics related to Nasheed traditions.

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When asked about the benefits he will be driving from such a trip, Njie said:

“It would provide an opportunity to connect with diverse audiences, showcase the beauty of Nasheed, and learn from other talented Nasheeders. It would also allow me to contribute positively to cultural dialogue and foster mutual respect and understanding,” he outlined.

Mr Njie believes his participation can help boost tourism, promote cultural diversity, and enhance the country’s reputation as a hub for arts and culture.

“It can also strengthen diplomatic and cultural ties with other nations, leading to broader international cooperation and goodwill. Overall, this kind of cultural exchange can enrich both individuals and societies by celebrating diversity and promoting peaceful coexistence” he emphasised.

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