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OPINION: Can A National Tragedy Reconcile A Divided Country?

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By Nfansu Camara

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Sandu Kuwonku.

The jet flights to freedom and peace could never have left the earth since the cowardly assassination of President Muhammad Ghaddafi in Libya. In 2011, the frivolous Western people conspired and orchestrated to hatch a rotten liquidating enterprise against Muhammad Ghaddafi who had been championing the crusade of wielding all African countries together as preached by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah in 1963 in Ethiopia.

In 1999, the African heads of state and government congregated in Libya and made the declaration of renaming the organization of African Unity to the African Union. The Western people realized that the crusade which was spearheaded by Muhammad Ghaddafi could rejuvenate the immediacy agenda that was founded by  Dr. Kwame that Africa should be united and that is where the fulcrum of our development resides.

Muhammad Ghaddafi was seen by the West as the replica of the then pioneering leaders of Africa who fought bitterly for the total political liberation of Africa, they hatched a very rotten and draconian project to assassinate him purposely to disrupt the chances of the United States of Africa.

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Unfortunately, the desire of Muhammad Ghaddafi has never been achieved when the West, particularly the United States of America, hatched a plan to persuade the indigenous citizens of Libya to rebel against his administration injecting them with the venom of unfounded speculations.

In a detailed fashion, the political uprising started with an unending protests agitating against President Muhammad Ghaddafi’s administration after having been poisonously orchestrated by the West painting him as a tinpot dictator who overstayed at the helm of the political ladder. As a result, they have succeeded in neutralizing one of the indefatigable sons produced by this fertile continent Muhammad Ghaddafi at the behest of Western agitators. Libya has never been the same again since the massive betrayal championed and executed by his own people.

Just last week, the country which is endowed with natural resources punctuated with magnificent edifices underwent through deadly flood which claimed thousands of lives and a lot of infrastructural damage. It is an unprecedented natural disaster in the history of Libya. Could it be an antidote to reconcile the political destabilization that has been ongoing since the death of Muhammad Ghaddafi? Should they put aside their differences and work towards charting out a map to reshape the dilapidated country which was crippled by civil car?.

Moreover, the flood which claimed a lot of lives and infrastructural damage should send a clarion call to all citizens of Libya that the time has come to correct the ills of the past and rebuild a country that at one time, attained and realized great economic growth but such growth has been stunted because of civil war. Libya has been bleeding for too long now and the time has emerged to provide an antidote to that wounded country. Peace is more precious than diamond or a gold. Civilization and violence are antithetical concepts which should not fused.

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History will not judge me justly if I fail to call the attention of the African Union which was described by many political commentators as a toothless bulldog to come to their rescue and liberate Libya. As he (Muhammad Ghaddafi rests gently in his grave), will not forgive the African Union for failing to restore political sanity in his country after his departure. Africa Union did not continue to disappoint him as he died for his people when they were oblivious to his crusade. Restore political hygiene in Libya!!!

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