Sunday, July 21, 2024

MBJF provides tuition fees, uniforms for 100 rural pupil

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September 25, 2023, the school year begins in The Gambia and all across the globe. Let’s pause for a moment and give thanks to our maker and support our children. Education is essential and it’s the key to opening doors of opportunities for underprivileged children in hamlets and villages. 

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My foundation, Musa Bassad Jawara Foundation (MBJF) is providing tuition fees, uniforms and shoes for one hundred (100) rural pupils this year. Over the years, through the Abundance Fund, we built boreholes on school grounds; and provided bicycles for school kids to ride to schools in the rural areas.

Am sanguine that our intervention in helping underprivileged children to get the help they need will be successful.

Yes, children are the sentimentality of global politics, and therefore, they must command the attention of policymakers all over the world particularly, the children of impoverished nations. These are our children! These are our children! These are our children!

Musa Bassadi Jawara

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