Monday, July 22, 2024

One-time powerful General Saul Badjie returns to Gambia

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General Saul Badjie has returned to The Gambia more than four years since he fled the country alongside former President Yahya Jammeh.

General Badjie accompanied former President Jammeh to Equatorial Guinea as the disgraced former dictator sought refuge there following his 2016 electoral loss.

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Badjie who was the head of the republic national guard was Jammeh right-hand man but The Fatu Network understands Badjie grew frustrated living in Equatorial Guinea in the past months.

He returned to the country on Friday along with other guards following a request they put in asking the government to help in their return home.

Army spokesman Captain Malick Sanyang confirmed that Badjie is back home and are being processed by authorities.

His return comes the same day the Justice Ministry said in a statement that the TRRC said Badjie is responsible for the deaths of a number of citizens during former President Jammeh’s rule.

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