Thursday, May 30, 2024

Omid Wisdom drops song on coronavirus

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The fourth installment from Omid Wisdom since the release of his Hit songs No Be Lie and Chewing Gum Baby comes as a much response to the current global crisis, the Coronavirus pandemic. A song entitled Corona, released under the Money Empire record label imprint produced by notable award nominated producer GSCbeats. Mixed and mastered by the reputable engineer Minka who all hail from their hometown of the Gambia.

Omid Wisdom’s Corona does not only follow the traditional pattern of Coronavirus songs released, focusing on certain aspects of prevention but broadens it’s spectrum to touch on other areas of concern under mentioned such as the proper acquisition and dissemination of Coronavirus related information, offering hope in the same. Correct information and prevention will determine how one deals with the present situation, the message highlights.

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Quoted as saying “Get the information right, bul nangu neka mumu mumu|Get the pre – vention right, do not be mumu” in the first bridge of the song folowing the Chorus alludes to not being a fool in the midst of the fake stories, under verified, non examined evidence providing sources and media manipulation. These undertones shared by many in an atmosphere of distrust of both the mainstream media and rumours spread by the population is further accentuated in this song as warning to what is coming. An extended lockdown, crashing economies, proposed definitive social distancing, untested vaccines proposed to be administered to Africans, conspiracies of a new world order agenda and many other occurrences threaten to reshape the very fabric of our society as we know it.

Omid Wisdom offers more hope by chanting “G to O to D is bigger than Corona” encouraging the listener to put their faith in God instead of fearing the current pandemic in addition to being well informed. “Yalla mussal nyu si Corona”, he continues in a local dialect of Gambia, Wolof, which is a prayer asking God to save them from Corona.

This afro beat song with beautiful melodies and harmonies sung by Omid Wisdom will surely keep the listener engaged in the message. Omid Wisdom has several material available on social media and streaming platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Instagram and many others. One can access these materials by googling Omid Wisdom or visiting his record label’s home website

Listen to the song below.

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