Omid Wisdom drops new song ‘Omar Colley on World Africa Week; new song premieres on BBC Focus on Africa and other outlets 3 days into release

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“A bright star shining in Gambia” –


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“..featured on MTV as unique and multitalented artist, a veteran star” –

The Voice

“ artiste with high moral vision with a mission of genuine impact on social progress” –

GLife Magazine

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Now there are a lot of things peculiar about Omid Wisdom. Not only does he carry the greatest and most amazing voice in the whole Gambia.  He is one of the most multi talented, multilingual, and multifaceted star in the Gambian music industry. Hosting TV shows excellently, giving the people world class acting in a movie, all having come from a strict afro hip hop background and maturing in the afro dancehall & afrofusion sound. Feats Omid Wisdom is known for amongst many. What’s most peculiar about this household name in the Gambian music industry is his love hate relationship with the industry over the years and how he manages to stay afloat, rise and pursue as he would put it, “God given” success in his own lane with countless amazing body of works. Sounds a little like praise singing right? Well it’s only right. Unless you do not know who Omid Wisdom is.

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As BBC Focus On Africa’s – Esau Williams introduces him in the 26th of May’s ‘Focus On Africa edition’, .”…fresh young talent exploding unto the artistic stage”, there is nothing short of an explosion in the brand new song entitled ‘Omar Colley’ by Omid Wisdom. Omid Wisdom’s ‘Omar Colley’ is an explosive afro drill melodic rap song that is captivating listeners nationwide and beyond. Already securing a premiere on the world’s top media power house BBC just 3 days into the release, this new song speaks of determination and professionalism being key ingredients to nation building for Gambians and Africans at large. ‘Omar Colley’, a Gambian footballer playing defence for Sampdoria in Italy embodies such exemplary determination and professionalism thus the reason for the song title. The song carries a celebratory mood towards the young Gambian scorpions for qualifying for the next African Cup of Nations for the first time, encourages Gambia to ‘nyato dorong’, in other words ‘keep pushing forward’ and likens Omid Wisdom to Omar Colley as he continues to put Gambia on the map in his own way. How? With sheer determination and professionalism. Omar Colley himself shows appreciation for the new release, comments on and reshares various posts relative to the song on Omid Wisdom’s instagram calling it “a great hit” and “the perfect gift”.

Listen to full interview with BBC Focus On Africa here.

Across his formative singles and first long-form project, “Born Free”. Omid Wisdom carries a diversified portfolio of songs with topics ranging from politically and socially conscious matters such as “Nation In Pain”, “Corona” to party and love hits such as “Hot Like Summer”, “Chewing Gum Baby” and “Unexplainable”. All hip hop, afrobeats, afro-dancehall, afropop and afroswing songs respectively. Each meticulously executed. It’s this extraordinary diversity that has allowed Omid Wisdom to rise to where he finds himself now, defeating all odds with determination and professionalism. Now poised to join the pantheon of international music greats, his tireless energy, positivity and drive were never going to allow Omid Wisdom to settle for anything other than peculiar recognition worthy of praise singing. In 2021 watch Wisdom attain more of these and keep reaching higher still.

As his first post corona release, Omar Colley is released under his independent brand, Wisdom Worldwide and will soon be available on streaming platforms everywhere. Wisdom Worldwide, an affiliate brand to his record label Money Empire has in store an ep and album to be released collaboratively further this year. The fans  constantly itching for the relief his unflinching peculiarity brings.

Stream Omar Colley here

Watch and listen to Omid Wisdom’s other body of works here.

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