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NPP regional chair hopes Gitteh reconsiders decision when discussion takes place

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By: Muhammed Lamin Drammeh

The West Coast Region Chairman of the National People’s Party (NPP), Lamin Jatta, hopes that party member Ahmad Gitteh will rescind his decision to run as an independent candidate for the Brikama Area Council chairmanship election when the party discusses with him, noting that he doesn’t believe Gitteh will want to see the death of the party that he worked so hard to getting it established.

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Speaking to The Fatu Network, Mr. Jatta explained that Gitteh only said he would go solo, but that is not yet done. He said Gitteh, who said he carried the pregnancy of the party and gave birth to it, will not want to see the end of the party.

“Ahmed is just saying that he will go as an independent candidate for now. Whether it will happen or not, I cannot tell. But what I believe in is what Ahmad said – that he is the person who impregnated the party and carried the pregnancy of the party until birth. I am not sure whether he will be willing to kill the child [NPP]. So, him saying he will go as an independent candidate; he is yet to go independent. I am hopeful that when we have a discussion, he will not run as an independent candidate. This is a family matter, there can be discussion and resolve the differences,” he uttered.

However, Gitteh, during his announcement of going solo without his party’s backing, said no amount of offer or position will make him rescind his bid to contest as an independent candidate. He emphasized that he wants to be the chairman of the Brikama Area Council and nothing else.

Jatta, whose executive comes under criticisms from Gitteh since the last parliamentary election, said that the National People party in the West Coast Region is more united now than in April 2022. He told The Fatu Network that they have learned their lessons and put aside their differences.

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Jatta further claims that if Ahmad Gitteh decides to go as an independent candidate, members of the party will turn their backs on him and vote for Seedy. He equally said that Ahmad Gitteh cannot be a member of the party if he contested as an independent candidate.

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