Friday, April 12, 2024

NPP man Dimansa Kujabi’s online poll backfires as NPP performs badly

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National People’s Party was more than 1,000 votes behind UDP in an online poll put up by NPP man Dimansa Kujabie.

Kujabie was seeking to sound NPP’s popularity online but it misfired as the party bagged a sorry 374 votes to UDP’s 1,550 votes in one poll.

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Kujabie later commented: “In the online Facebook polls, our southern brothers and sisters emerged victorious. Do you know I have an argument with someone that UDP’s strength is only on social media and their noise doesn’t resonate with the reality on ground here.

“It’s also a showcase of how desperate people (our southern brothers)are to seeing themselves in power.

“They have mobilised themselves quickly to come and vote, like in the UDP TV and media what’s app platform, the message came asking themselves to go and vote later they started sending messages of screenshots celebrating how powerful they are(southern brothers). One person affirmed he used all of his 3 Facebook accounts and voted.”

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