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“The Nine ‘Junglers’ Arrested Are With The Military Police, They Are Serving Members Of The Military” Police PRO

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Reports coming from the Police Headquarters in Banjul has revealed the arrest and detention of 9 members of Jammeh’s assassin team known as The ‘Junglers’ by the Gambian security forces.

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The Junglers were a special hit squad or assassin team enrolled in The Gambia National Army under the payroll of the former President Yahya Jammeh who assigned them to eliminate people in the security services and civilians considered to be his staunch opponents.

The Spokesperson of The Gambia Police Force, Inspector Foday Conta has confirmed the arrest and detention of 9 of them. Conta explained that the arrested junglers are helping the security forces in their investigations. He declined to reveal the identities of the hit men under custody.

“At least 9 jungulars were arrested. They are with the Military Police. The reason is that they are still serving members of the military,” Inspector Foday Conta said.

Further investigations revealed that Sgt. Musa Johnson, Warrant Officer Class 1 Pa Sanneh, Warrant Officer Class 1 Ismaila Jammeh, Sgt. Omar Alias Oya Jallow, Sgt. Amadou Badjie and Lt. Malick Jatta are among the officers arrested.

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Inspector Conta told this medium that they are working closely with their international partners to locate the other junglers on the run to extradite them to face justice for the atrocities committed in the country during the regime of the former President, Yahya Jammeh. He said enough evidence will be gather once senior members of the junglers are arrested. He added that efforts are taking place to extradite the former Interior Minister Ousman Sonko who is currently detained in Switzerland and Lt. Colonel Bora Colley who was arrested and detained in Senegal.

Conta further explained about the correspondence between the country’s security forces and their international partners is to extradite Lt. Colonel Nuha Badgie, Major Sanna Manjang and Kawsu Camara Alias Bombardier among other trademark names in the hit squad.

Meanwhile, the Magistrates court in Banjul has issued arrest warrants on dozen of military officers accusing them of killing by different methods and disposing bodies in wells and secret graves in Foni Forest during the regime of former President Yahya Jammeh.

By Lamin Sanyang

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