By: Dawda Baldeh

Nigerian Chess Master Tunde Onakoya has astonished audiences in Germany by playing chess against ten opponents simultaneously, maneuvering around and engaging them in competitive games, and winning all matches.

Since the video was released, many individuals have praised Tunde for this rare victory on various social media platforms.

Mr. Tunde revealed that he defeated all his opponents by anticipating their moves.


The Nigerian Chess Master also leads the Chess in Slums Organization in Nigeria, dedicated to supporting children in impoverished communities to access education.

Chess is a two-player board game where participants move their 16 pieces according to specific rules, with the objective of checkmating the opponent’s king.

One TikTok user, “@Emmy-ohms,” commented, “Nigerian blood runs through him. We believe nothing is impossible.”

In another TikTok video, Tunde stated, “We want to raise more money to support about five thousand children to go back to school.”

Another user, “@drmannyking,” remarked, “When I said Africans are one of the smartest people in the world, you won’t believe this. ‘I have never been so proud of being a Nigerian,’ said another TikTok user, praising Tunde for his victory against ten opponents simultaneously.”

According to several sources, Tunde’s opponents were mostly Ph.D. holders in Mathematics and Physics and were top Chess masters. However, he emerged victorious after a two-hour heated battle.

LinkedIn user Nitish Kumar commented, “Impressive display of skill and determination, Tunde Onakoya! Your exceptional performance is inspiring.”

“He reads the opponent’s next move. That’s the intelligence a player should have. Kudos,” said another user.

Tristan Roszkowski added, “Handsome and brilliant…jeez [SIC] some people have all the luck.”

“Love Nigerians!! Amazing people and super talented and hungry for success!!,” wrote Brian Golod, CSPO, on LinkedIn.

Chidozie B. Onuigwe stated, “Brilliant, just goes to show that Nigerians are masters at strategies, on multiple dimensions.”

Shanthakumar Nicoth remarked, “He reads the opponent’s next move. That’s the intelligence a player should have. Kudos!”

@Tbillion40 said, “Did you win all? This is some genius. I feel so proud just watching it. Cos what?”

@tolufash55 expressed, “I am so proud of how you’re dedicated to putting Nigeria and Africa as a whole in the world of smartness and creativity. And all these with just Chess. Even though our paths may differ, this is what I aim to achieve with my cybersecurity academy.”

@Honimz humorously commented, “10 players that are probably not novices. You didn’t even defeat them 8 – 2 like the famous Manyoo and Arsenal game. 10 – 0, and you called it manage, Tunde. O wrong na.”

Chess is also an indoor game widely played in The Gambia, especially in ghetto areas, where people often use the game to generate money by competing for championships, with the winner receiving a cash prize based on contributions.