Sunday, June 23, 2024

New York Protest: President Barrow Accuses UDP

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By: Jankey Touray

President Adama Barrow has said the Gambians who protested against him at the just concluded 77th United Nations General Assembly summit are supporters of the main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP).

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During the summit, some Gambians in the United State protested against President Barrow, citing socioeconomic, political, healthcare and security challenges which they said the incumbent is not addressing as expected.

President Barrow noted that, amid the protest, he had engagements with Gambians in the US and urged them to invest in the country.

He said it is important for Gambians in the diaspora to invest in their country, adding that there are Gambians in the States who are doing very well.

“We had very good meetings, [however], some Gambians [supporting] UDP came out to protest against me. It is the same people who organized the Three Year Jotna and the same people working on protesting against me in November. My doors are open, so I am calling on them for us to work together as protesting will not solve our problems.”

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The President noted that where there is unity, people stay strong, assuring that he is ready to work with his political opponents to move the country forward.

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