New Gambia can only see it happen

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There will be challenges. Our hope, for the security and sanctity of our Republic, that President Barrow will respond to the challenges with circumspection and wisdom.

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Our democracy demands debate and dissent – fierce, sustained, and unflinching when necessary. There is an urgent sense, the tide is rising amongst Gambians eager to toss aside passivity for action. Gambians are already seeing a more emboldened citizenry ever witnessed in ages. It is being fueled by a fervent energy bubbling from the grassroots up, rather than the top down.


These are the swirling currents about our ship of state. Gambian now have a new and untested captain. His power is immense, but it is not bestowed from a divinity on high. It is derived, as the saying goes, from the consent of the governed. That means President Barrow now works for us – all of us. And if he forgets that, it will be our duty to remind him.

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As we go through the present tribulations of those in power and their advisors and the total disregard of the human rights, freedom of speech and the rule of law and indeed the Constitution. Let us be mindful that the country is being put to a test never experienced.


The happenings of the last few weeks have exposed a scheme where those with power wish to bring about discontent and blame it on others as politicians always do.

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The stubbornness and lack of fair judgement will come and haunt those that have taken it upon themselves that they wield power and think they shall wield it in perpetuity. As the saying goes “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. But when it goes you are left lonely and isolated, and vulnerable to all sorts of retribution and answerable to all abuses that one did when in power.
One must do the right things in accordance with the Constitution and not go on an ego trip. State power is temporal and the Gambia is not a monarchy. The same people urging others on will deny when things sour.


Only cowards use state institutions to fight their personal battles and institutional loyalties are temporal. These same institutions end up standing against you and swallow you. One ends up blaming the same institutions that were used in the first place.

Alagi Yorro Jallow

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