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New Gambia 2016 Movement Launched In Dakar

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The fundamental principles of democracy have long been so weak in governing of The Gambia for over the past two decades. If the world is yet unaware of the severity and insecurity of the 2 million Human lives in this narrow strip of land, her citizenry has now arise with their last innermost impatience to emancipate their country (The Gambia) from the rule of TERROR, TORTURE and rampant SLAUGHTERING of people who dare claim the fundamental human rights for all. Thus; Democracy and human rights are universal values that should be vigorously promoted in The Gambia. They are integral to effective work on poverty alleviation and sustainable development, in addition to being valuable bulwarks against dictatorship, oppression and injustice. Democracy promotes human rights and human dignity and it is therefore impossible to create a truly free, peaceful and humane world while ignoring or apologizing for the executors of totalitarian ideologies.

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On Saturday 16th of April 2016, The Gambia, and the World received the shocking news that youth leader Solo Sandeng of the United Democratic Party (UDP) was tortured to death by security forces following a peaceful protest calling for electoral reforms. His march to demand his constitutionally guaranteed right cost him his death. Similarly, many other young people that supported his call and concern for a genuine democracy were arrested with him and reportedly tortured and sentenced to 3yrs in Prison yesterday the 21st of July 2016. Solo Sandeng’s body has not been returned to his family for a dignified burial, despite several appeals by family members. Lawyer Ousainou Darboe leader of UDP and senior executive of the party were arrested and held in custody for demanding the immediate release of Solo Sandeng ‘’Dead’’or ‘’Alive’’ on April 16 2016, and have been equally sentenced to 3 years in prison in a Kangaroo court on the 20th of July. All these events and many before them continue to pose serious questions to Gambians in particular to the legitimacy of the current government. As we reject the ruling on Darboe and Co. and call for the unconditional release of all political prisoners, we launch a movement today, bringing global attention to the decaying political space in Gambia, a movement to unite and bring together actors and individuals to demand for democracy, justice and rule of law as well as an inclusive political system.



It is now evident and vivid, that a NEW GAMBIA 2016 is POSSIBLE in with YOUNG PEOPLE reclaiming their country.

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Sixty percent (60%) of the Gambia’s population consist of young people and they can decide to vote out Jammeh cum December 2016 Presidential elections. However, the rate of exodus due to politico-economic instability is alarming a din with a good number of young people missing in the Mediterranean oceans. No doubt, the hostile politico socio-economic atmosphere of the government of The Gambia shall continue to force her citizenry to undertake suicidal adventures to reach exile in the believed democratic worlds. Hence, the NewGambia Global Campaign Movement foresee the necessity to inform and raise the awareness of the young people and to empower and equip them with tools through training programmes to liberate themselves and face the challenges of their environment.

Today, as we launch this campaign, leading opposition politicians, human rights activists and journalist are languishing in Gambian prison for no other reason but standing up for their rights and believe for a free Gambia and Africa by extension.

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The launching of this movement today is significant for many reasons. Most importantly, it was in this day in 1994 that Yahya Jammeh seized power illegally from a democratically elected government, ending Gambia’s record as one of the longest surviving multiparty democracy in Africa. It was on this day, that Gambia started falling deeper and deeper into the yolk of dictatorship and the constant violations of the rights of its citizens. As the APRC government celebrates this day of darkness and the seizure of our fundamental political rights as citizens of Gambia, we rise today to claim our rights, freedom and dignity. We rise to liberate ourselves from tyranny and injustice. We rise to claim the many people that have suffered in the hands of this regime. A future where everyone no matter ones sex, religion, ethnicity or economic status is free to openly express one’s discontentment and their rights protected under our secular constitution. On this day, we send a strong message to our oppressor in Banjul. Your time is near and we indulge you to do the right thing. It is not too late.



The NewGambia Global Movement for Justice and Democracy in is inspired by Solo Sandeng and the many other Gambians that have been killed, maimed, tortured and illegally imprisoned. We exist to rally global support and solidarity to bring justice and democracy in The Gambia.



The Campaign shall inspire the convergence of Gambians and prodemocracy supporters and sympathizers in order to collectively tackle the prevalent POLITICAL TERRORISM (of Yaya Jammeh’s regime).

We are coming together to inspire and commit to actions that empower all Gambians, especially those who have been marginalized; and in order to collectively tackle the root causes of inequality, injustice, poverty, human slaughtering and torture.

‪WE reject all forms of oppression, manipulation, deception, arrests, shootings and killings by President Jammeh and demand the following;



1. WE demand the immediate release of Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and UDP members arrested, including all political prisoners recently sentenced.



2. WE call on President Jammeh to accept full responsibility for the death of Solo Sandeng and address the nation accordingly.



3. We demand electoral reforms, to ensure smooth, free and fair elections in Gambia cum December 2016 Presidential election.



4. We call on religious and traditional leaders to fulfill their responsibilities, by condemning the “oppression” on Gambian citizens by President Jammeh.



5. We ‪urgently call on the ‪disarrayed opposition parties, to form a ‪united and ‪formidable coalition and present to young people of the Gambia (60% of the population) and NewGambia2016 global campaign, a ‪credible candidate for OUR endorsement and votes.



In conclusion, WE call on all Gambians, concerned individuals & organizations, The Media, and the international community to support the NewGambia global campaign and speak up for Justice and Democracy in Gambia and everywhere in the world. Together we can usher in a ‪#‎NewGambia fit for us and our children.



I thank you for your undivided attention…..Shalom!

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