Monday, July 22, 2024

New Evidence in Court Sheds Light on More Stolen Items of Slain British Woman

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By Michaella Faith Wright

The Banjul High Court has seen significant progress in the case of the British woman tragically killed in Sinchang Village on February 14, 2024, with the state prosecution presenting further stolen items.

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Justice E. Jaiteh, overseeing the trial, continues to steer the proceedings of this prominent case.

The session on July 10, 2024, saw the state prosecution tender several new items that were reportedly stolen from the deceased’s residence.

The items included a gold Samsung tablet, a black smartwatch, two black Samsung mobile phones marked A10 and A14, a Dell laptop with a charger, an HP laptop with a charger, a black Canon camera with a zooming lens and charger, two memory cards (16GB and 4GB), and a small cross handbag.

This follows an earlier presentation by the prosecution on July 3, 2024, where they tendered a significant number of recovered items. These included D80,000 in cash, a Gambian driver’s license, an alien card, a Gambia resident permit, a UK driver’s license, a debit card, and other personal documents that belonged to the deceased. The state further submitted a bunch of keys, some of which were labelled by the deceased as office keys, garage keys, and keys to other departments.

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The new evidence was further corroborated by the testimony of police officer Landing Nasso. He revealed to the court that the accused had confessed to selling the stolen items to two individuals: Saikou Samasa, a mobile shopkeeper at Bakoteh Shopping Mall, and Ebrima Bah, from whom the Canon camera and charger were recovered. Nasso’s testimony provided a detailed account of how the stolen items were traced and recovered by the police.

In his testimony, Nasso recounted the steps taken by the investigative team after they recovered the stolen items. He explained that the buyers, Samasa and Bah, were promptly arrested and made to provide statements regarding their involvement. The investigative team then compiled a comprehensive case file, which was subsequently handed over to the Ministry of Justice for further legal processing.

The state prosecutor, F. Drammeh, questioned Nasso about the procedure followed by the investigative team, emphasizing the importance of the recovered items in building a robust case against the accused. Nasso detailed how the items were catalogued and the meticulous efforts made to ensure that the evidence was preserved and presented accurately in court.

The case has garnered significant public interest due to the brutal nature of the crime and the international attention it has received. The trial’s proceedings have been closely followed, with many looking to the court for justice for the slain British woman.

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As the session drew to a close, Justice E. Jaiteh adjourned the case until July 22, 2024. The adjournment allows for further investigation and the preparation of additional evidence to be presented in court. The prosecution is expected to bring forward more witnesses and testimonies to strengthen their case against the accused.

This case continues to underscore the critical role of thorough police work and the importance of a meticulous judicial process in addressing serious crimes. The collaborative efforts of the investigative team and the state prosecution aim to ensure that justice is served for the deceased and her family.

The community, both local and international, awaits the next developments in this case with keen interest, hoping for a resolution that upholds the principles of justice and accountability.


Some information in this story has been sourced from The Point Newspaper.

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