Thursday, July 25, 2024

New ECOMIG commander vows to strengthen peace in Foni

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Colonel Boubacar Toure, the new commander of the ECOWAS Force in the Gambia, has reaffirmed his commitment to working with the Gambia Armed Forces to promote peace and stability.

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Toure also promised to work with the people of Foni to strengthen peace and stability in the region, which is frequently threatened by conflict between the Senegalese forces and the Separatist Movement in Cassamance.

“We will work with the people of Foni to foster a mutual understanding that will strengthen peace. Whatever affects Gambia will affect Senegal.

“When there is conflict in Cassamance the people of Foni will be affected and we want to ensure peace for all,” he added.

Colonel Toure emphasized that the ECOWAS mission, under his leadership, will collaborate closely with all security stakeholders, including the Gambia Defense and Security Forces.

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He stated that the mission would not undertake any actions without involving them, as the Gambia is part of ECOWAS and should be seen as their own.

Colonel Toure expressed the desire to establish a strong relationship with the Gambian security forces to achieve common goals together.

Furthermore, he highlighted the importance of coordination between the Ecomig and Gambian security forces.

“We will engage the Gambia Armed Forces and all other security agencies in the Gambia on any activity we will carry out,” he reiterated.

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He emphasized the mission’s commitment to transparency and accountability.

“We will work with you the journalists to ensure the public is well informed about our activities. We cannot succeed in our mission without you the journalists so be rest assured we will continue working with you because you are key partners,” he said.

Colonel Toure also acknowledged the concerns raised in the Foni region due to the presence of ECOMIG forces and assured reporters that the Senegalese troops would work closely with the local population to foster understanding and a better working relationship.

Miatta Lily French, the ECOWAS country representative in The Gambia, praised Colonel Aly Kane for his significant achievements in fostering peace and security. She also urged the new commander to build upon these accomplishments.

Colonel Aly Kane stated that his mission was to establish a good relationship between Ecomig forces and the Gambian security forces to ensure the safety of the president and the security of the environment.

He mentioned that joint operations with the Gambian security forces were conducted, along with initiatives such as seismic programs to raise awareness among civilians about the mission and provide free medical assistance.

Additionally, the Senegalese government provided $20,000 to renovate Bwiam Hospital and supply medical equipment as part of their direct support to the community.

Colonel Aly Kane assured that the Senegalese forces took necessary measures to avoid conflicts with the Gambian Army and invited all security forces in the country to collaborate on their activities.

Colonel Ousmane Aly Kane commended his successor Colonel Boubacar Toure for his dedication to continuing the strong relationship between Ecomig troops and the Gambian security forces.

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