Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Ndey Jammeh Spotted At State House, What’s She Doing There?

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Ndey Jammeh a close relative of former President, Yahya Jammeh who was also responsible for Jammeh’s VIP guests, was seen at the state house this morning, Febuary 6. Staff at the office expressed concern over her presence knowing how close she and her family are to Jammeh

Ndey’s sister, Jimbe Jammeh traveled with Jammeh and his family to Equitorial Guinea where they currently live in exile. Sources say Ndey cried until she fainted the night Jammeh and his delegation departed Banjul.

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Security sources say Ndey was in the office this morning asking staff why they want to work with President Barrow, saying she now knows clearly that many supported former President for personal gains. “What is more confusing is the fact that she went straight to the kitchen, met the cooks then went to her former office”   a  source disclosed. “This is serious, only Allah can help President Barrow and his people” the source added.

Ndey Jammeh was dismissed about a year ago but was asked to report back to work in November shortly before The December Presidential elections. She was never officially reinstated, she was asked to report to work without an official letter.

Meanwhile, a group of women, called ‘The Jammeh Kunda Women’ have also resumed work at the state house kitchen Thursday. The women who cook for soldiers and staff there have not reported to work since Jammeh left the country on January 21.”They came on Thursday, cook, dished it out and went home. They are here again today” a source said. The source added that they are worried knowing what some of these women are capable of.

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One Awa Jarju an intelligence officer who was attached to the state house was also seen there this morning.


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