Gambia’s Political M.O. very disappointed seeing Hon Ousainou Darboe with MA Bah posing. Chaatans! What a blow. Wasn’t this the same MA Bah that traumatized Gambians during Impasse? I always thought UDP persevered because of their members’ loyalty. This though is a slap to all the victims lost and another hope dasher. I never expected such from Darboe. You can forgive Bah but the rest of Gambians especially victims don’t have to see such. Lost beaucoup points from with this!

First Suku Singhateh and now this. We are stagnant in many ways because of such moves. Why the haste to consolidate? This fight of who is biggest is truly neglecting Mama Gambia! Quantity over quality won’t deliver us from our dire Economic State. Do we actually care about what will move the country forward or are you all worried about how many yellow shirts can litter our streets during campaign?! Shoot we now see why Barrow is at a haste to overtake his once home crew.

OJ was chastised for saying he “ forgave Jammeh”. Ah sunge uncle be nak? Will he get a pass because we are in “reconciliation” mode? The double standards though? God please ignore Gambians and their behaviors while moving us from developing to developed. Otherwise sor nyu kor jappeh ye rek we will wallow and die in stagnancy. The political jockeying seems to have no bounds while victims/survivors are scarred for eternity

Such moves won’t be seen by PDOIS morm. Give kudos where due teh ham neh this life is too short. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. No one will take away your oxygen for being honest! The Almighty is the main owner of oxygen!

Wa Salaam, Namaste, Shalom 🙏🏾