Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Music As Way of Life: Senegambian Singer Releases Blue Jays EP Project

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Music is a core human experience and generative processes reflect cognitive capabilities. It is often functional because it is something that can promote human well-being by facilitating human contact, human meaning, and human imagination of possibilities, trying to our social instincts.

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According to a study by Harvard, listening to music can improve mood, reduce anxiety and through bringing people together, can be an antidote to loneliness and social isolation.

The music industry has begun to gain momentum in The Gambia over the years as young people venture into the industry exploring their talents in the arts in which many singers gained large audiences.

Senegambia female singer Haddy Trawally known by her stage name Diha officially released her Blue Jays EP Project on 11th October 2022.

Diha who has been performing in the Senegalese music industry over the years told journalists that she is back to promote her art after working under Bouba Ndour the younger brother of Youssou Ndour Senegalese music superstar.

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According to Diha, female musicians in the music industry benefit very little in the music industry compared to male artists.

During the press briefing, she informed journalists that the listening party for the Blue Jays EP is slated on 21st October at Club LAVA which she said was produced by music producers both at home and abroad.

She stressed that the industry is occupied by opportunities and “fake promises” while further disclosing that the EP songs will be distributed for promotion and business-related activities.

“I am finally back in The Gambia to promote my musical projects after spending a few years in Senegal working with music stakeholders, but unfortunately things did not work well as expected.

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“I have started producing a couple of good songs for the EP titled ‘Blue Jays’ among the songs produced are Time Bi Jotna Ft Attack, Mama, Cherie, Yalla Nyew Bolleh, Fake love and Visuals will soon be out in the market,” the young female singer disclosed.

The Singer a few years ago produced a popular song called ”Taling Taling” with hit the waves globally and the song is loved by a huge amount of audience.

Haddy Trawally commonly known as Diha, the daughter of an immigrant father who hails from Tambacounda in Senegal and a Gambian Mother of Basse origin was born across the border in Tambacounda at the age of five (5) years old she moved with her mother to settle in the Gambia.

The musician said she has a passion for music, which keeps her in the industry to make a difference. At the age of twelve (12), Haddy ventured into the realm and self-discovery within the music arena.

She spent most of her time watching music videos and following musical stars, to a point that affected her education Journey and school became secondary for her.

Her musical inspiration is tapped from different sources, but Sambou Susu, Whitney Houston and Vivian Chidi are very influential female singers in Senegal.

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