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More Revelations About President Jammeh’s Sex Exploits Of Young Gambian Girl

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More reports are still emerging about how President Jammeh uses and misuse young Gambian girls for sexual exploits. In the past several weeks, Fatu Radio has been documenting the experiences of girls, mainly of them teenagers employed as Protocol Officers attached to the Office of the President who openly accused the President of sexually exploiting them. Most of the girls are housed in a complex a few metres away from the State House where they said they are perpetually trapped and are always on standby to satisfy the President’s unusually high appetite for sex with young girls. A few weeks ago Fatu Radio came up with an in-depth investigative report which documented how virgin girls are lured into sexual relationship with the President where they are dis-virgined and their blood used for rituals.

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Two of the girls who were victims of this scary encounter and who were employed as Protocol Officers at the State House, have since escaped to relative safety in a neighboring where they are receiving counselling and being treated with trauma related problems.

And now a former chauffeur attached to the Presidential fleet at the Office of the President has come out in the open to further confirm the President’s exploit of young girls.

The chauffeur who has also escaped to a neighboring country in the region in an interview with Fatu Radio last Thursday 15th October, said he was part of a special group of drivers whose job include running errands for the President, picking young girls for him late at night. The chauffeur told Fatu Radio how he would hang around waiting until 5 am when the President is done with the girls to drop them back home.

He confirmed that many of the girls that he used to pick late at night are normally light/fair skinned ladies who are mainly young. “But in some cases, we would be assigned to pick up mature ladies, some I guess could be married” he said.

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The interview on Fatu Radio which attracted a huge interest from the audience was confirmation of earlier reports detailing President Yahya Jammeh’s lust appetite for sex particularly with under aged virgin girls.

The chauffeur told Fatu Radio that during their typical errands, they do not have a conversation with the girls. “We are always given strict orders to only just pick and drop them off and not engage in any form of conversation with them.”

He also disclosed the President lust for movables such as latest cars. “The President has a long list of latest cars parked at his garage including: two Bently cars, 5 Rolls Royce Phantom, 4 BMW X6s and host of other expensive cars,” he said.

The chauffeur also talked about President Jammeh’s assassin team called the Junglers  which he confirmed is a militia within the regular army who mainly receive instructions and orders from only the President. “They are very powerful set of people….even the head of the army is afraid of them. They normally come out at night when they are to kill or arrest people on the orders of the President,” he said.

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The chauffeur is now on the run for his life following involvement in an automobile accident during one of his errands driving a presidential car. One this particular day, he was assigned to pick up popular Senegalese musician Ms Adji Ouza and her father Ouza to perform for the President. After he dropped them off at the hotel, he went back home and had a call later from the guests that they needed him to go run an errand for them.

As he was heading there, a taxi driver hit his car and he had to use part of the D15, 000 per diem given to him to fix the presidential car.

After I was done with that, he told Fatu Radio, I informed General Saul Badjie head of the Presidential Guards about the accident who told me that the President has given directives that anyone who has an accident with his cars, should be arrested and detained or fired from his job. He said he left the President’s Office for home that evening promising to come back to work the following day but instead he decided to flee the country for a safer place. “I know the consequence of returning back to State House the following morning because I was going to be arrested and detained as this was the tip I got from one of my friends within the presidential guards” he said.

He disclosed that the President does not care about what happens to them chauffeurs at the State House but rather cares more about his cars. He said the brother of the Chief of Protocol, Ebrima Jarju was removed from his job after the windscreen of one of the cars got cracked while he was driving it to run errands for the president.

He also said that President’s personal driver is also often treated very badly by the president and that he still lives at the government’s housing quarter in Mile 7 and does not own a compound, stressing that once he is removed he will not have a place to stay.

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