Monday, April 15, 2024

ML Badjie: ‘KMC Mbalit Project is a scam aimed at enriching Mayor Bensouda’

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By: Lolly Sowe

Momodou Lamin Badjie, the former finance chairman of the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) under Yankuba Colley’s tenure, has described the KMC ‘Mbalit Project’ as a scam aimed at enriching Talib Ahmed Bensouda.  

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Mr. Badjie made these assertions at a press conference held in Talinding by former Mayor Yankuba Colley.

“The Mbalit project is a scam because the cost was not a hundred and ninety million (D190,000,000.00) as the actual cost is hundred and sixty-nine thousand (D169,000, 000.00.)

However, the former council finance chairman admitted that during their tenure, they took a debt of D9,000,000.00. This he noted was used to provide services like toilet facilities that were dilapidated.

“We had served well at Bakau market during our tenure. But Talib Bensouda deluded everything when he came to power even the digitalization and modernization in KMC,” he claimed.

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“Bakary B Darboe then committee service and Lamin Camara are with Talib in frustration without qualifications.

“They are doing a contract of infrastructural development without due process, not tendered, no contract award and funds in building Bakoteh dumb side, D100 million multi-purpose SOS German project, Serrekunda mini stadium as well as the 23km road which is all in due process,” he added.

Meanwhile, Lamin Badjie told journalists that the paying of 2 to 3 million streetlights burden was lifted from the council to GRA.

“President Barrow is paying 36 million dalasis on streetlights for Kanifing Municipality Council,” Badjie said.

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He claimed that Talib hasn’t built or upgraded any school since they left office after building Charles Jaw Senior School with a complete technical block, science, and IT department with 100% council funding as well as providing salaries and equipment for the school which is now producing best students.

“We built Jangjang road, Sainey Njie street from Nustrat junction to Bundung mosque, Marseh Ngelew way to Bundung, Talinding road heading to the river, Churchill’s town Abuko road with 5 million towards the project.

“Dippa Kunda, Kololi, and Senegambia designing, and the concept was brought by Yankuba Colley even the Latrikunda Sabiji building he inaugurated and his office,” he explained.

Mr. Badjie further claimed that Mayor Bensouda is collecting D300 million due to the increment they made including daily fees, taxes, rates, businesses, and companies.

He challenged Mayor Bensouda to a debate on the matter if he denied the allegations.

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