Sunday, June 23, 2024

Minister of Higher Education: ‘Gambia must develop, and it must be developed by her own people and on education and research’

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By: Ousman Saidykhan

Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, Prof. Pierre Gomez, has said the Gambia must be developed through a fit-for-purpose education, noting that development must be championed by Gambians themselves.

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Prof. Pierre Gomez was speaking at the closing of a 10-day research methodologies and project writing training for over 30 Gambians over the week.

“Gambia must develop, and it must be developed by her own people and on education and research.

“Education cannot be as usual. Education must be fit for purpose. Education must respond to the needs and aspirations of the youths of this country,” said the Higher Education Minister.

The minister believes the training of 30 Gambians would create a critical mass of researchers within the public sector who will in turn share what they learnt with others.

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“This is something that is very, very important. It is coming at a time when the Gambia is working on its transformation agenda on higher education,” Minister Gomez said.

The Gambia has been at the periphery since independence looking, but it is high time they moved to the centre of development, Prof. Gomez said.

He added: “And the youth of this country need skills. So, the research needs to inform policymakers so that we can come up with strategies and activities that will engage the youths now come up with sustainable development.

“Investing in research is what will change the development trajectory of this country.”

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