Thursday, May 30, 2024

Regretful Cruise Ship guarantor ‘in crazy situation’ as guaranteer absconded onboard in America

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Ebrima Sabally, a 28-year-old resident of Sanchaba Sulay Jobe, has stated that he is in a crazy situation as a friend he guaranteed with land documents to work on a cruise under the Cruise Ship Crew Gambia agency absconded onboard in America.

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“I am in a crazy situation because I guaranteed a friend by the name of Foday Sonko to work on the cruise ship under the agency of Cruise Ship Crew Gambia (CSCG) who absconded.

We agreed that he (Foday Sonko) will return home after the end of his contract. He never honoured this agreement as he is at large in America,” the grieving guarantor narrated.

Mr. Sabally said the trust he had in Foday put him in what he described as “messed up” he will regret forever.

the agency is to help Gambians to work on a cruise ship.

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“They were going around America and South America and his first contact was about to finish this month.

He was supposed to come back the next month, but he absconded to America. I tried my best to contact him but he’s no longer reachable,” Ebrima explained.

He told TFN that he is also part of the young people recruited to work onboard as he is already awaiting deployment dates.

“I need to find Foday because am part of the recruits to work on the cruise ship when he returns with my document. I paid for all the necessary training and schooling to be done,” he added.

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He noted that his deployment is almost close, but he can’t be deployed without finding the person he guaranteed.

“The agency is about to take my file to court because am the one who guaranteed him in the first place.

I did this because his family is living in Jara Soma, so he was renting in the Kombo hustling.

I knew him since 2016 but he put my life in a mess. I want people to help me find his whereabouts because as a young person, I have responsibilities in my family.

If I don’t provide any information that will lead to his capture, the agency will take me to a court or I have to pay a sum of D2.5 million which I don’t have,” he pleaded.

Cruise Ship Crew Gambia (CSCG) is a recruitment agency operating in the country to help deploy young people to work on different cruise ships across the world.

The agency has so far deployed more than four hundred Gambian crew members.

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