The Facts

From 1994 to 2017 The Gambia has been certified as a dictatorship by all accounts, locally and internationally. The country witnessed arbitrary arrests, detentions and torture consistently. The incidence of summary executions was well established by local and international observers. The incidence of abuse of power by Yaya Jammeh is so evident that no one can deny it. The number of Gambians who had to flee their country or the number of Gambians who disappeared are well documented. That a culture of fear and impunity prevailed in this country was beyond dispute. The current revelations at the Janneh Commission clearly show a blatant abuse of Office and unbridled plunder of public wealth.

On 1 December 2016 Gambians voted out Yaya Jammeh and on 19 January 2017 he refused to step down. The whole world had to mobilize forces both military and political to force him to leave. Because he had severely misruled The Gambia Yaya Jammeh himself knew that he can no longer live in The Gambia with Gambians!

In these past 22 years Yaya Jammeh’s main vehicle for his misrule and atrocities had been the APRC party. A leading member of that party is FTJ. In each and every act of violation or corruption or abuse, FTJ strongly, willingly and forcefully defended Yaya Jammeh. The entire APRC stood behind him and Yaya Jammeh!



Given the above facts how can anyone therefore justify the existence of APRC and celebrate Yaya Jammeh in The Gambia?

Left to Fabakary Tombong Jatta alone Yaya Jammeh would have been in power until today.

By keeping Yaya Jammeh in power, it means FTJ wants to see the continuous plunder of public resources as exposed at the Janneh Commission. This means FTJ wants to see the continuous exodus of Gambian youths through the Backway to die in the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean Sea with many more imprisoned in Libya. It means FTJ wants to see thousands of exiled Gambians remain exiled faraway from their motherland forever.

By supporting APRC and left to FTJ alone it means Yaya Jammeh will continue to abuse public institutions and summarily dismissing public servants unabated. It means the arbitrary arrest and torture of Gambians would continue while the continued existence of the Junglers will be guaranteed so that they would continue to kill fellow Gambians forever.

By insisting that Yaya Jammeh is good for The Gambia It means FTJ wants to keep the poor state of our schools and hospitals and utilities to continue. It means the continuous confiscation of private and community properties and land grabbing by Yaya Jammeh would continue. It means the continuous politicization of the civil service and the security sector would continue. It means the continued ridicule of The Gambia around the world would continue. It means the continued destruction of the future of The Gambia would continue.

This is what Fabakary Tombong Jatta is wishing for The Gambia by his continuous support for Yaya Jammeh. Any Gambia who still supports Yaya Jammeh and APRC therefore is saying that he or she wants to see The Gambia continue to die!

This is the meaning of the message that Fabakary Tombong Jatta is sending to fellow Gambians.

God Bless The Gambia

By Madi Jobarteh