Monday, July 22, 2024

MC Cham Jr fires back at Bakary Badjie’s General Mobilizer

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Momodou MC Cham Junior, former campaign manager of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), has fired back at Matarr Saine who accused him and his people of bribing Alkalolu in exchange for support and endorsement of Talib Ahmed Bensouda.

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Speaking to The Fatu Network, Mr Cham described the claim made by Matarr Saine, who is the general mobilizer of team Bakary Badjie, as totally false and misleading.

“I am against inducement and bribing people during the campaign. I believe in selling my agenda to the people and allowing them to make them choose. Matarr is not helping Bakary because his allegations don’t make sense at all,” he said.

He added that politics is not about making unfounded allegations. “If you don’t know how to campaign is better you stop making allegations against people. Matarr only knows how to organize Wrestling events, not politics,” Mc Cham added.

MC Cham further stated that people should desist from the politics of allegations and focus on the politics of decency.

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He claimed that team Bakary Badjie is making too much of allegations against incumbent Talib Ahmed Bensouda without any evidence.

“I know all the Alkalolu in the Kanifing Municipality and some of their residents don’t even know those Alkalolu. I respect the Alkalolu but nowadays no Alkalo will deceive people,” he asserted.

According to the young politician, coming up with such unfounded accusations is not helping Bakary who is their candidate.

“This is showing the type of people that are behind Bakary. Who will trust them to lead the council?

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Our style of politics is decent. We don’t give anyone money because we have a good track record,” he told The Fatu Network.

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