Monday, July 22, 2024

Mama Kandeh – I can see GDC is stopping NPP from sleeping 

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By: Dawda Baldeh

The leader of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) party Mamma Kandeh has accused the ruling National People’s Party (NPP) of engaging in what he calls ‘dirty politics’, asking the ruling party to speak the truth when engaging electorates.

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Kandeh’s rivalry with the NPP dated back four years ago and got tensed after the 2021 presidential election which he and others rejected and refused to congratulate President Adama Barrow on his victory. He said everyone has the right to seek any political position in the country.

“I know that no one can stop the NPP from politics, but politics is not about spreading lies. Let them speak the truth when talking to the people which is better than making unfounded accusations,” Kandeh said, adding that it is not necessary to accuse people.

He said the NPP should remember that they are Gambians and that they have every right to seek any position and that the GDC cannot deny them that right.

“We are not accusing them, so they should stop accusing us. They should do the right thing because they are the ruling party. This is very sad,” Kandeh added.

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The GDC leader thanked his supporters for standing with the party, describing them as heroes. However, he denied that the party is dead as claimed by his opponent the NPP.

“I can see GDC is stopping NPP from sleeping. They are not looking at any other party apart from GDC. They can fabricate any story against us by bringing people and claiming they are from GDC who are cross carpeting to NPP.

I heard Saikou Mballow reacting to a recent CepRASS survey which predicted UDP will have more seats in the mayoral and chairmanship election. He (Saikou) agreed with the survey but he said things have changed recently. What led to the change is that they (NPP) have discussed with the GDC militants,” he asserted.

According to Kandeh, the assertions by Saikou Mballow means that GDC is existing even though they (NPP) claimed they have killed the party. The GDC boss added that the NPP wish is to end the existence of GDC saying that will never happen.

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“The party will never collapse. I don’t own anyone and I don’t buy anyone but there are people who believe in the party and they believe in me. I am calling our supporters to vote for the UDP contestants wherever we don’t have a candidate,” he emphasized.

Kandeh also mentioned that he heard Saikou Mballow claiming that they formed an alliance with UDP. “This is not true. Saikou cannot witness where we formed alliance with UDP and we know that we don’t have alliance with UDP,” he noted.

Kandeh urged GDC supporters especially in the North Bank to vote for the candidate for the United Democratic Party because they cannot afford to vote for someone who belittles them.

“Papa Njie Tunkara said oppositions are nothing and they cannot do anything that is why he left GDC to join NPP. Hence, he said we are nothing, I believe he doesn’t need our votes and we should not give him our votes.

Let’s give our votes to Bojang, the UDP candidate. He is an opposition like us. I think this is better than sitting at home and not going to vote or by giving half votes to Papa Tunkara,” he stressed.

The opposition leader emphasized that anywhere they don’t have a candidate, apart from the West Coast Region, they will vote for UDP candidates.

“In Brikama Area Council, we endorsed Jainaba Bah, the Peoples Progressive Party candidate. If they are saying we have sold our party to UDP then why are they not saying we have sold our party to PPP? I am urging the NPP to have some shame and do the right thing because that is the only thing that will last,” he said.


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