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Mama Jabbie: ‘I took a picture of him and recorded him’ 

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By: Alieu Jallow

Mama Jabbie, Prosecution witness 3, has testified that she took a picture of and recorded Ousainou Bojang, the principal suspect in the fatal shooting of two police officers on September 12 at the Sukuta-Jabang Traffic Lights when she met him in Diouloulou, southern Senegal.

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Mama Jabbie, who introduced herself as a native of Sukuta and a resident of Jululung, is involved in both business and maraboutism. On Tuesday, November 14th, 2023, she stated that when Ousainou Bojang fled the shores of The Gambia after the shooting incident that occurred on September 12th at the Sukuta-Jabang Traffic Lights, he arrived at her compound in Diouloulou on Wednesday around 2 p.m. He was given a ride by a commercial motorcycle from the main garage.

She told the court that Ousainou begged her to help him with an amulet and a fare to proceed to Ziguinchor as his life was doom.

“He told me to help him with an amulet and also transport fare to Ziguinchor because he killed two Police officers at the Sukuta-Jabang Traffic Light and the 3rd one is at the hospital”.

According to PW 3, she informed Ousainou that due to the extremity of his actions, she could not assist him. She consequently left him at home and reported the matter to the Senegalese Police, who promptly arrived and handcuffed him.

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During her testimony, she emphasized that she had called Musa Camara, an official from the Gambia Revenue Authority, to inform him that she had the suspect in her custody. She then proceeded to call the Gambian Police Force and met them at the Giboro Police post. The police escorted her to Diouloulou for an official transfer at the border.

During the court hearing, Mama testified that when Ousainou asked to use her phone to call her sister, she refused because she had run out of phone credit.

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