Reliable sources have informed The Fatu Network that Magistrate Omar Jabang of the Banjul Magistrates Court has left the shores of The Gambia and is said to have arrived in The United States Of Åmerica.

Jabang was arrested and detained at the Serious Crime Unit in Banjul following his ruling on a no case to answer where he acquitted and discharged one Yusupha Saidy, a businessman. After his arrest and detention, Jabang was later dismissed from the Judiciary our sources revealed. He was later reinstated on condition that he must heed to the wishes of the Presidency and jailed anyone that the regime wants or risked being arrested, dismissed, charged and prosecuted for abuse of office, a source told The Fatu Network.

A colleague described him as a no nonsense magistrate who is bent on upholding the spirit and letter of the Constitution. He is said to be an independent and hardworking magistrate. “Because Jabang refused to be used as a machinery magistrate to jail innocent Gambians out of fear of being arrested again and detained for his judicial work, he left the Gambia.” He concluded.


The Gambian Judiciary lacks independence and dances to the tune of dictator Jammeh. This is manifested in the recent trial of opposition leader Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and Co, the UDP leader, who was wrongly charged, prosecuted and sentenced to 3 years imprisonment with some of his party militants for peacefully demonstrating for the release of their party youth leader Solo Sandeng death or alive. Solo and twenty- four others were arrested for peacefully demonstrating for electoral reforms in The Gambia, he was tortured and killed by the Jammeh administration.

The Gambian magistrates are pruned to arrest and detention when they fail to heed to executive directives to jail innocent people. Each time they deliver verdicts and it doesn’t go down well with the State they are arrested, detained, charged and dismissed and subjected to emotional torture.

Jabang according to our sources is a very bright magistrate. He was a top notch student during his days at the University Of The Gambia And The Gambia Law School. Jabang according to our sources was ranked the most outstanding student of the Gambia Law School batch of 2014/2015 academic year.