By Lamin Njie

Madi Jobarteh has responded to Abubakar Darbo a few hours after the UTG lecturer launched a scathing attack on the top commentator.

Mr Jobarteh sparked huge controversy on Sunday by commenting if a wealthy country like Saudi Arabia were led by the Ahmaddi, the Muslim Ummah and the world would have been a ‘far better and peaceful and just place’. He had earlier argued there is no Islamic sect that is as peaceful, productive and beneficial to humanity as the Ahmaddiya.

The fearless commentator’s comments continued to draw flaks but it’s Abubakar Darbo who Madi reserved special response.

Mr Darbo had earlier said: “Nothing on earth is furthest from the truth than the irresponsible, ill-advised and ill-researced nonsense by Madi Jobarteh, claims speciality for the Ahmadis over all other sects. Through his post, it became very clear that Madi has arrogated to himself the role of an expert in a subject that is very difficult to Master.

“It is therefore puzzling how dare could he open his eyes and says such a diabolical lie, giving his huge religious ignorance and limited knowledge in Islaam. What does Madi know or researched to justify his flimsy claims? Is that how you argue on such highly technical and spiritual subject; just like that. I am really disappointed in you Madi, and if you have any regard for intellectualism, truth or honesty, then withdraw your irresponsible statement or present your facts!!.

“If I may ask you Madi, what is your success nay, development indicator as far as religion is concerned. Have you studied the activities of the Mouride Sect, the Sufis, the Tijanis, the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamah, and the other sects who for centuries contributed to not only establishing peace, communion, education and development all over the world, but were the pillars of ingenuity and research discoveries across civilisations. Most of these Muslim experts existed and contributed exponentially towards humanity well before the founding of the Ahmadiya Group, which was born less than 200 years ago. So how dare you discredit all these groups and claim such an ungodly statement. I think it is time you stop tripping on issues and put yourself on gear when issues arise before tribling glibly on cases of such sensitivity and importance.

“Let me advise you to desist from such irresponsible statements and be measured in your utterances, as well as avoid igniting sensational debates that will further aggravate the wounds of our people. What is most important for everyone is that regardless of religion, Islam sees humanity first; thus the reason why Allaah Azza wa Jal addresses his servants as “Ya ayyuha Nas” in many places in the Qur’an. However if people with jurisprudential underpinnings collectively give their position on the Ahmadiyya, what expertise or authority do you hold in Islam to claim otherwise. Humans are equal before the law in all social dealings, but religion is a special domain guided by divine rights. Just like not everyone can just comment on health or prescribe medications for people, thesame way not every samba, pateh or yorro can talk about religion. I call on you once again to desist from such sayings and indulge yourself in issues that engender peace and harmony amongst people, regardless of our differences. Aodhu biLlahi mina shaitaani rajim!!”

Madi Jobarteh responded to Mr Darbo in kind, writing: “Now that imbeciles like Alhaji Abubakar Darbo decided to formally expose his bigotry, ignorance and dishonesty the time therefore has come for an all out offensive against such imbecility. To claim the name of Allah or to perform the hajj and to dress like a Muslim is not the only qualification for a true Muslim. The Munafiqq do that too! Indeed, the very reason that Muslims are yet to achieve the very essence of Islam, i.e. to ensure justice, peace, freedom and prosperity within the Ummah is because of individuals who pretend to be Muslim yet exhibit only hypocrisy and anti-Islamic attitude. Abubakar is one such person.

“In the world today the most oppressed, exploited and impoverished and wretched population is the Muslim Ummah. Yet Islam is one of the most enlightened, scientific and just religions in the world, if not the leading. But the very and only reason why Muslims are the wretched of the earth is squarely because the Ummah is led by political leaders and clerics who are the most corrupt, dishonest and oppressive. The paradox of this fact lie in the fact that Muslim dominated and led societies are the most endowed societies in natural and mineral resources and wealth. Yet these leaders backed by their clerics have failed to justly exploit and invest the wealth of their nations in the Ummah.

“Yet ignorant and dishonest so-called Muslims like Abubakar Darbo have no issue with that but would want to pontificate about the faith even when they see filth, indecency and oppression all around the Ummah perpetrated by corrupt leaders and their counterpart imams. Was it not these kinds of imams who exalted Yaya Jammeh here even when he was killing and maiming Muslims and their leaders like a pagan leader. Yet Abubakar and his ilk continued to protect and celebrate those imams as if they did not see the attack against Muslims and Islam by a despot.

“Abubakar claims the Ahmadiyya are not Muslim. I challenge you to state with objective fact how the Ahmadiyya are not Muslim. Your ignorance of the reality of the Ahmadiyya is once again symptomatic of your naivety, dishonesty and bigotry against this group of Muslims. Who proclaimed that the Ahmadiyya are not Muslim?

“Anyone who knows history would know that the attack on the Ahmadiyya has nothing to do with Islam or religion. Rather it was a political issue in Pakistan backed by their corrupt leaders in Saudi Arabia. When the Ahmadiyya emerged in Pakistan several decades ago apart from teaching Islam they were also educating and organizing the masses to reject the corrupt political leadership backed by their corrupt clergy. In response the political and religious leaders of Pakistan decided to declassify them as Muslims. With the power of the State and the Ummah on their side they banished the Ahmadiyya out of their own country. Since then the Sunni majority in Pakistan and their collaborators in Saudi Arabia, hence the rest of the global Sunni community continue to attack the Ahmadiyya as non-Muslims.

“So to see a Gambian like Abubakar swallow and vomit such dishonest and obnoxious propaganda only testifies to his utter ignorance and dishonesty. Until today no one has brought out any objective evidence to justify that the Ahmadiyya do not believe in Allah or His Holy Prophet as the Seal of all Prophets and the Messenger of Allah. Rather what you see are people like Abubakar who spread false generalities and rationalizations in their unjust attack against the rights of the Ahmadiyya. They are fighting a fight they know nothing about hence they are pawns without knowing it.

“Yes, there have been various Muslim sects well before the birth of Ahmadiyya movement. But who can deny the fact that this sect provides far better and more social and economic benefits to Gambians than any other Islamic sect in this country. Not only that, one will find that Ahmadiyya members in general are far well disciplined, honest and educated about Islam and therefore more Islamic in words and conduct than most other Muslims. Look around your Ahmadiyya families, friends and colleagues and tell me how you see their attitude and sense of humanity. You will find far more sense of responsibility, justice and honesty in them than anyone else.

“Even here one can see that the only persons who insult with utter rudeness and stupidity like Abubakar are not Ahmadiyya even though it is the Ahmadiyya who are under unprovoked attack. One would have expected that the Ahmadiyya would be very angry and violent yet they exhibit the highest levels of tolerance, peace and politeness.

“Therefore, it is utterly justified to claim that the Ahmadiyya are far more peaceful, productive and beneficial to humanity than any other sect they found in place. Let Abubakar deny that with facts if he has.

“Abubakar, rest assured Madi Jobarteh will not let any human being to perpetuate injustice and bigotry for any reason for even a second just to destroy people’s inalienable rights. People like you pride yourselves that this country is a Muslim country yet you do not care to see the gross and widespread injustice, oppression and corruption in our homes, streets and work places. Certainly when you have ‘Muslims’ like yourself that society can never reap the benefits of Islam. Your belief only stops at defending and perpetuating the status quo so that you continue to enjoy those usual unjust privileges and benefits while poverty, oppression and exploitation characterize the lot of the Ummah. That is anti-Islamic and disgraceful.

“If there is anyone who has caused the failure of Muslims to enjoy the benefits of Islam surely it is individuals like Abubakar Darbo. You are nothing other than a disgrace and an obstacle to the flowering of Islam in our society and the world.”