Monday, February 26, 2024

Madi Ceesay: ‘Sabally was not an asset to UDP’ 

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By: Alieu Jallow

Honourable Madi Ceesay, a National Assembly Member (NAM) for Serrekunda West, has said Momodou Sabally, the former campaign manager of the United Democratic Party (UDP), who defected to the ruling National People’s Party last week, was not an asset to the party.

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Last week, Momodu Sabally resigned from the UDP with effect from 20th December 2023. The next morning, he was received in the State House by President Adama Barrow.

In an exclusive interview with The Fatu Network, Hon. Madi stated that Sabally joined the United Democratic Party when it was already established, and despite his contributions to the party, he doesn’t consider Sabally’s defection a loss.

“I really can’t describe Sabally as an asset. Yes, he contributed because everybody who came to the party even if you stayed a day or more, at least you would have contributed your quarter to the party. So, we appreciate [that] but it is not a loss for us [and] life goes on, and we will get stronger and stronger no matter who’’ [leaves].

The National Assembly Member for Serrekunda West highlighted the nature of politics, stating that there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics and that politicians changing parties is a normal occurrence. He emphasized that his defection would not affect the party, as it is built on strong pillars.

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“You can have 122 floors building but what really holds the building is the pillars and that’s the same thing as far as the United Democratic Party is concerned; we have our pillars and these pillars have not moved an inch so whoever comes and goes doesn’t affect the integrity and the power of the United Democratic party,’’ he emphasized.

Honourable Madi said that Sabally was a former Secretary General and head of civil services under the APRC party. He described Sabally as someone who had enjoyed all the privileges that came with being a member of the APRC party but had a falling-out with the party and subsequently suffered at their hands. Sabally later aligned himself with President Barrow before eventually joining the UDP.

“If he goes back to Barrow, there is no harm as far as the United Democratic Party is concerned. I know that we are strong and always going forward and no doubt the UDP ship will anchor soon with or without some people on board’’.

Madi, a seasoned politician and member of the United Democratic Party, won his second stint in parliament through the UDP ticket. He stated that he was unaware of any scuffles between Sabaly and any of the party’s executives. Additionally, he does not sense any scuffles within the executive or the party.

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