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MAA Foundation, WHS trains workplace employees on health, emergency preparedness

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By: Fatou Kebbeh

The MAA Foundation for Women in collaboration with Work Health Solutions Tuesday 23rd May 2023 conducted a day-long training on workplace health and emergency preparedness for employees from different institutions at Alliance Française.

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The training brought together employees and bosses from different institutions.

The attendees were taken through cardiac arrest at the workplace, traumatic injuries, bleeding, attitude at the workplace, sexual harassment and how to go about it, anger management, stress, depression, and work.

Fatoumata Jawara Dukureh, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MAA Foundation, said their main objective is to empower women and organize pieces of training that will help impact their lives.

“Because of our undying commitment to promoting women empowerment,” she explained as she talked about the purpose of the training, adding that she contacted different institutions headed by women to train their employees on healthy work life with the help of health solutions.

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She emphasized the importance of the training and urged participants to make the best use of what they have learned because it will go a long way in improving their health and work conditions.

Bubacarr FS Bojang, Program Manager of Work Health Solutions, said Work Health Solution aid is an innovative approach of the way to bridging the gap between employees and their employers and how to put their health into high consideration.

“A healthy employee is a productive employee, and that is why we train employees on work and health, their wellness, how to approach certain emergencies at work and how to safe oneself and colleagues from danger,” Bubacarr said.

He added that the reason they collaborated with MAA Foundation for Women is because they are very influential and well-integrated in society.

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According to him, they usually visit institutions and collaborate with them to do training like this, and MAA foundation was a perfect fit because they are committed to improving the livelihood of every Gambian.

Fatoumatta Jammeh, a female mechanic and a participant in the training, expressed gratitude for being part of such an important training considering the environment they live in.

“As a mechanic, you have a lot of customers who are very negative and that stresses an individual, but this training is giving us solutions to these problems and that is an important initiative,” she said.

Fatoumata added that this is not the first time she is being trained in first aiding because she is a Red Cross volunteer, but she has learned some important skills that she has never been exposed to and that is a plus for her.

According to her, she will be able to assist her colleagues if they are injured or encounter some situations that require assistance.

Fatou AB Njie, Secretary General of Club Foire Gambia, said she is lucky to be one of the participants of this noble training.

She added that the training has inculcated some important and life-changing skills in her.

According to her, this is one of the most important trainings she has attended because this is about health, work, and how to save lives.

The training is designed to provide a basic understanding of wellness programs and a guideline on how to improve employee health and job performance.

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