LAMIN NJIE: May Allah bless Darboe for his service to his nation. He can now proceed to the other side feeling proud

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Perhaps it’s now time for father and son to take each other back. There is no need for ill feeling after all.

The 2021 presidential election has come and gone. UDP might have lost but the party fought a good fight. In any battle, everyone gives their best. And really, there is nothing wrong with one still feeling proud of himself even after getting defeated.

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This is a truly difficult moment for UDP and leader Darboe. When Darboe was tapped in September to lead UDP into this war, there hasn’t been a time when his troops lost hope. They were surely going to win. Or so everyone in that party thought.

As commander, Darboe rallied the UDP troops and got into the trenches himself. It was in the trenches that he got injured and had to be evacuated home for treatment.

On Tuesday, UDP’s last chance at glee slipped away in dramatic fashion when the Supreme Court threw out their petition for failing to abide by the law governing filing a petition. With their experience, their lawyers ought to know better. But it has always looked UDP is out-of-sorts with no chance of getting back to shape.

My dombai Sainey Darboe’s assessment after UDP’s latest heartache is that the final nail has been hammered into the UDP coffin. I am really not sure about that but I remember once predicting that UDP losing this election will spell the beginning of the end of the party.

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Looking back, I think that forecast is extreme. UDP is a resilient party and the party should be fine going forward. They only need to regroup and reform.

Regarding leader Darboe, he is an amazing patriot who has always shown great love for his country. His sacrifices for genuine democracy to take root in The Gambia are well-documented. It’s time for him to retire from the political trenches and assume the role of elder statesman. And he should do so feeling proud.


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