A Kenyan MP has demanded a law to combat farting on planes as she believes it can cause ‘discomfort and insecurity on board’ flights.

Lilian Achieng Gogo made the comments while parliament was talking about possible amendments to a law on offences committed on aircrafts.

The request follows a bizarre row which broke out in Kenya’s Homa bay county assembly last month after a lawmaker accused a colleague of ‘polluting the air’.

The MP in question denied the claims and the speaker ordered air fresheners to be brought to the chamber to tackle the problem.


Ms Gogo, the MP for Rangwe constituency in western Kenya, said: ‘There is one irritant that it is often ignored, and this is the level of farting within the aircraft.

‘If this is not managed well it can cause discomfort and insecurity on board.’

The politician suggested introducing anti-flatulent drugs, which would be available for crews to give out if needed, reports the BBC.

She also said that passing wind on an aircraft was ‘terrible within the plane’ and could cause airline passengers to fight with each other.

Ms Gogo also spoke about the problem of some passengers drinking too much while flying. (DailyMail)