Friday, July 19, 2024

Janjangbureh Market Vendors Concerned About Unhygienic Conditions

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Vendors at Janjangbureh Market have raised concerns about the unhygienic conditions of the market and called on the authorities to intervene.

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In an exclusive interview with vendors at Janjangbureh on Tuesday, vendors said the market’s conditions have negatively affected their business.

Malick Njie, the representative of the market association president, told The Fatu Network that vendors are facing difficulties in the market.

He urged the government, through the council, to intervene and address the plight of the vendors.

Mr. Njie added that the market is operating without a toilet and water supply.

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“Only one tap is in the market, and that too is not in good condition. The toilets have been abandoned because of their conditions,” he revealed.

This existing unhygienic system has forced the women to take action by constructing a corrugated covered toilet, which is also in a delicate situation.

Despite its coldness to the council, this market looks dirty, thereby affecting business operations.

Aminata Jallow, Market Cashier, described the situation in the market as unhygienic.

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“The market is very dirty. There is no water, and the toilets are extremely dirty. No one can use them,” she explained.

She went on to narrate that the conditions of the market have affected their business.

Jallow pleaded for the government, through the council, to help improve the conditions of the market.

“This is the only market in Janjangbureh, and a lot of people come here. It’s shameful to see the market in this situation.

You can’t use the toilets. We want our market to look hygienic because we sell food products here,” she added.

Kanku Camara, a market vendor, said business is not as usual in the market and cited certain factors.

“We are suffering in the market because we don’t have storage facilities, good toilets, and the cost of prices is very high,” she told The Fatu Network.

This, she added, has led to a loss of income due to the destruction of their food products.

Ms. Camara further stated that the market is not fit for purpose and called on the government to help improve its conditions.

“We are paying duties every day, and the market is very bad. This is not fair to us,” she bemoaned.

Several other vendors outlined similar challenges facing them in the Janjangbureh market.

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