Monday, February 26, 2024


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‘Hurt people hurt people’, they say. Any man who lacks certain basic human emotions hurt people but they hardly get hurt. Yaya Jammeh is that kind. Of the eight basic human emotions President Jammeh is filled with fear stemming from paranoia that his evil deeds will haunt and yank his disturbed soul out of his chest through his mouth. He’s angered that he has all his life been deprived of joy and love that those he was born and grew up around has abundance of, a deprivation that fueled and filled his life with sadness and depression. That was why Yaya, whom some believe was a foster child of Asombie Bojang, gets disgusted and envious by the progress, success, achievements and happiness of others.

That is why he craves and pays whatever price to be validated and belong. This is what drives Yaya’s unexplainable attitude towards Gambians. That is why he lacks empathy and respect for people and life.

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I have for the longest, struggled to write about the precarious predicament of the relatives of alleged ‘Statehouse Attackers’ that I revere and celebrate as Liberation Fighters. Families that have not in any way participated or known about the actions of their sons and father have been abducted and whisked away to unknown locations where they have allegedly been subjected to physical torture. Of those under state-sponsored kidnapping are mothers and a child, punished for the ‘sins’ of their kinfolks. What does he hope to achieve? Raise the Freedom Fighters from their honorable death or force others to return? This is pathetic.

The rhetorical question that many ask, that if Yaya did tell his mother that he was staging a military coup on July 22, 1994, has its answer in how Yaya rates his mother and the degree of respect he has for her. From the accounts of those who know him, he reprimands his mother when he feels she’d upset and wronged him. He screams and cusses her out that sends the poor old lady shivering and fearing for her life. I’d not be surprised because there is nothing that Jammeh believes in other than force and riches – Power. So a son his breed would not consult or involve his parent in anything he does.

Because of his disdain for Gambians and excessive intoxication with power, he’d do anything to hurt anyone he believes is a threat to his seat. That was why I wake up each day disappointed and regretting how and why Jammeh escaped a bullet to his skull or at least arrested on December 30, 2014. That was going to get us out of this misery. But since that failed, Yaya drills out his animalistic traits to hatefully treat Gambians with contempt as he ventured on an irrational vengeance on innocent people who probably did not know why they have been abducted.

Yusupha Lowe (13) and Alieu Lowe (19), whose father and brother respectively, is a friend of mine are paying for the sins of their family for a crime he’s alleged to have committed but not guilty of. Meta Njie, the mother of the late Lamain Sanneh is an innocent, poor village woman who is carrying the heavy cross of his son as his body lies on ice in the morgue for four month. How does any man with conscience sleep through that know?

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Our situation as a country and people has been helpless thus making it pitiful. That sorry state has been compounded by the absolute absence of any institution that neither defends nor fights for the rights of people against the authorities. Justice department and the courts watch as citizens get stripped of their inalienable rights, detained and gone missing on executive directives. The ministries of Women and Children’s affairs, Social Welfare and Child Protection Alliance all stayed mute while this goes on. As a matter of fact Social welfare and Child Protection Alliance bosses clearly distanced themselves from the issue and quickly narrowed their scopes so this does not fall under their purview. The religious leaders and politicians are not able to do anything. Basically, WE ALL failed as a people for succumbing to the brutality of a Dracula in needle-spiked boots walking on our spines.

Yaya Jammeh is a spiteful soul wronging and abusing Gambians. He has a poisonous spirit that is corroding his whole being, barring him from acknowledging, understanding or relating to indigenous, decent Gambians. Notwithstanding, we must not beg but demand that Yaya frees his abductees for them to reunite with their families. They are hurting the same way he and his wife would should ISIS kidnap his two children and parade them in orange jumpsuits. He must stop inflicting pain on Gambians if he wants his post presidency be any peaceful for him, or even his family.

Yusupha and Alieu Lowe are supposed to be in school today like Mariam Jammeh instead of languishing in detention. Naa Meta Njie, Alhagie Kebba Touray, Bai Jobe Njie are all parents like Asombie Bojang and Zineb Jammeh who deserved to be with their families after more than hundred days abduction. The Gambian State needs to always remember that it’s her obligation to defend and protect her citizens’ rights, lives and properties instead of perpetuating perennial Gangsterism. All hands must be on deck to hault this speeding training that is about to wreck. By any means necessary.

Free Our People. Let Our People Go!

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Good Morning And Peace To The Planet!

Pata PJ

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