Imam Baba Leigh on Friday used his sermon to lend his voice to the issue of bigots that attack the tribe of others.

“Let’s be mindful of the events of this age. We’re living a difficult time. Insulting a tribe is bad. What Sossehs call ‘si neng diro’. To call an entire tribe and say bad things,” Imam Leigh said.

He added: “Any tribe you see has good people, they have walis (holy men), they have good servants of Allah. And you refer to all and insult them? When you the culprit, is certainly a nobody.

“And honestly, things are trying to get out of hand. The person who was doing it, naming a tribe and insulting them, Allah has removed him from here. But he has put that nonsense in the hearts of people now. Anyone who gets up would name and tribe and insult it. It’s an ignorant person that insults.”

His comments come as a Marie Sock supporter insulted Mandinkas. She has however apologised.