Friday, April 12, 2024

ITAG Expresses Dismay at the Frequent Internet Outages

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The IT Association of The Gambia (ITAG) has said it’s dismayed by the Internet outage that occurred on Tuesday 9th February around 7am.

“In a space of five weeks, The Gambia has seen four internet outages ranging from four hours to over 10 hours.

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“ITAG as the umbrella body of all ICT companies in The Gambia would like to highlight the effect this downtime has had on not only its membership but the public and private sector.

“The economic effect of these outages when calculated are in the millions across the tech industry alone. Where more and more businesses are working online and struggling with the effects of the pandemic, Internet outages have compounded the losses businesses have incurred significantly, causing some to close shop temporarily,” ITAG said in a statement.

Beran Dondeh Gillen the President of ITAG said, according to the statement: “The Internet is the heart of every company, in these pandemic times were systems work more online than offline. These outages have not only an economic and financial impact but also a social impact that affects our lives and livelihood.

It is therefore pertinent that the right policies are put in place and implemented to ensure redundancy in our access to critical resources such as the Internet.”

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