Sunday, February 25, 2024

‘It Is An Absolute Heartlessness’ — GDC’s Lamin Bojang Blast Striking Drivers

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By: Muhammed Lamin Drammeh

The National Treasurer of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), Lamin KB Bojang has blasted the Gambia Transport Union (GTU) and commercial drivers who have been on a sit-down strike since yesterday, calling their actions an “absolute heartlessness” by making ordinary Gambians suffer while the top arms of the government move freely and go about their businesses without having to worry about the transport issue that has gripped the country.

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The former GDC candidate for Brikama North in April Parliamentary elections said the majority of the people who suffered from yesterday’s industrial actions are the poor and helpless Gambians.

“Majority of those who suffered are the poor and helpless Gambians. So, for me, it is absolute heartlessness that a group of people calling themselves Gambians are heaping such hardships on their fellow Gambians,” he asserted.

Bojang argued that the top government officials did not feel the pain. He said the executives and the parliamentarians went on their businesses as well as those in the judiciary, leaving ordinary Gambians wallowing in search of transport.

The indefinite sit-down strike by the Gambia Transport Union hit many people hard yesterday. The few drivers that ignored the call of their leaders were in traffic charging exorbitant fares.

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Bojang further claimed that the industrial actions by the drivers do not hold water. He contended that one of the proposals by the drivers should not warrant a complaint. He said tax or toll fees collected at the bridge are okay, noting that Gambia’s economy is tax-based. He further said that no genuine Gambian should complain of numerous police checkpoints, contrary to the demand of the drivers.

“Our roads are unsafe for our mothers and children, so why should a genuine human being complain about checkpoints?  In fact, I call on the police to increase them because our well-being surpassed their greed for money,” he pointed out.

According to the GDC National Treasurer, he doubts if the government of The Gambia can reduce the pump prices since the country doesn’t own a single barrel of oil.

He called on the transport union to end the strike because the industrial action is affecting women and children.

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“The union should come back to their senses and end this strike as the heat of their actions are hitting the women and children harder than initially thought,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the president of the Gambia Transport Union, Omar Ceesay, has hailed his drivers for sitting at home and encouraged them to continue observing the strike.


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