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On 10th December 2015, Yaya Jammeh, authoritarian ruler of the Republic of The Gambia, declared The Gambia an Islamic State.

All the signs leading to this declaration of buffoonerywere clearly written on the wall for all to see. Jammeh has been flirting with this backward idea ever since he successfully crippled what is known as the Supreme Islamic Council in the Gambia.

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Deep in Jammehs pocket, the Supreme Islamic Council relinquished all authority to the feudalist – buffoon to intervene and give ultimatum in matters of religious Islamic ceremonies such as Ramadan and Tobaski (Eid) prayers. A self-convert of dubious standing, following his ascension to power, Jammeh adopted the life of trickery and flattery as a “Muslim”, winning the hearts and minds of the willfully ignorant and opportunists alike.

The Supreme Islamic Council is not the only enabler of Jammehs absolute empowerment, resulting in the tyranny that is about to suffocate our beloved Gambia. The emasculated and rubber stamp National Assembly, where legislature is the law according to Jammehis equally enabling. Adding insult to injury, our nations house of justice, the judiciary, has been made a den of mercenary judges answerable only to Jammeh.

In the midst of this gross violation of our human rights such as the common practice of guilty until proven innocent, kangaroo court trials, arrests without trials and indefinite detentions, the Gambia Bar Association remains mute.

There are no functional institutions existing in the Gambia to relieve us from the criminal wrong doings of the Jammeh regime; the primary reason for his audacity to insult and impose 21 years of his feudalist rule of terror entrenched in mysticism, blind religiosity and sycophancy.

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This ILLEGAL DECLARATION OF ISLAMIC STATE is the latest in a string of outrageous deeds by Yaya Jammeh. 

DUGA forcefully rejects this declaration. Christians, Muslims and others have coexisted in our secular beloved Gambia even before Jammeh’s grandparents and will continue to coexist long after Jammeh is gone and forgotten.

What more will it take to OUTRAGE the sons and daughters of our beloved Gambia to end this trail of terror by the Jammeh regime?

Beloved sons and daughters of our secular Gambia, an organized mass UPRISING from Banjul to Koina and throughout the four corners of the world, wherever Gambians live, is the logical resort to repel Jammehs continued tyranny. No mystical or military power can stop this march. Let the KARTONG resistance be our inspiration.

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Join DUGA 11am on December 30th in front of Gambia Embassy, DC to commemorate the 1yr anniversary of our Freedom Fighters and to Say No to Islamic Republic in Gambia



                                                   LONG LIVE A SECULAR GAMBIA!

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