Gambians should start questioning this government’s seriousness towards the security sector reform or even ask President Adama Barrow whether he is comfortable with the presence of foreign forces?

Many Gambians are beginning to worry that this could be another lost opportunity for The Gambia .

It was yet again disappointing listening to Barrow begging Ecowas to extend Ecomig forces stay in the country, directly telling the whole world his administration has failed in its reform agenda. What a disappointment?

Nothing has been put in place to demonstrate that any progress had been made towards the security sector reform.

By asking for the extension of the Ecomig mandate, it shows that Barrow has no clue in how to address the security challenges.

His failed leadership is demonstrated in our fragile democracy. I think Barrow should have told his fellow African leaders his inability to lead this country to the promised land.

Not only the reforms but all sectors of government are crumbling.

The culture of corruption in gov’t is also a cause for concern.

Yes, under Jammeh, the security was politicised but they were performing but what are we seeing under Barrow?

The security sector is in a mess and hopeless state.

Our securities are left in a state of uncertainty they don’t even know whether they worth anything at all in a country they were supposed to provide security .

Barrow is a good lesson for Gambians and I hope they will avoid re-electing him as president in 2021.

Gambia wake up, Barrow is holding this country on siege.

MC Cham Jnr
GDC National Youth President