Monday, July 22, 2024

Is Messi Decisively The GOAT?

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By: Alagie Cherno Suwareh

Arguably the greatest football player of all time, Lionel Andrés Messi, better known as Leo Messi, secured the League Cup title as he led Inter Miami, his MLS league club, as captain.

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Renowned for his mesmerizing tricks to outmaneuver defenders and his ability to score astonishing goals, the Rosario-born Messi, also a World Cup winner, once again demonstrated his brilliance with a remarkable opener in the 23rd minute of the first half during a match against Nashville. This goal proved to be decisive, ultimately resulting in a 1-1 draw at full time.

However, the match was ultimately settled in an 11-10 penalty shootout in favor of Inter Miami, a team that had been struggling prior to Leo Messi’s arrival earlier this year.

Thanks to this victory, Leo Messi added trophy number 44 to his collection, which includes the FIFA World Cup. He now officially holds the record for the most trophies won by a football player. Following closely is Dani Alves, his former teammate at Barcelona, with 43 trophies. In contrast, his arch-rival on the field, Cristiano Ronaldo, who is currently playing in the Saudi League, has secured 34 senior trophies.

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