Monday, July 22, 2024

Inside Dictator Yahya Jammeh’s Aircrafts

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According to credible reports, dictator Yahya Jammeh’s aircrafts have recently been having endless  electrical problems, one of them was flown back to Banjul on June 24, after it went through major maintenance in France. The old Boeing 727, 100 was prepared to transport The First Lady, Zineb Yahya Jammeh and her entourage to Saudi Arabia for ‘Umrah’. Due to technical problems, the flight could not take off the ground which prompted the dictator to dismiss and detained five senior officials from both The Civil Aviation Authority and The Gambia International Airlines blaming them for not properly maintaing his aircrafts. The First Lady later chartered a flight from The United Arab Emirates at the tune of $300, 000 to travel to Saudi.


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Below is what is inside Jammeh’s aircrafts.


Jammeh Plane 2

This Boeing 767 100 has 23 seats and accommodates four cabin crew members. It has a bedroom with a queen size bed and a restroom. It also has a wardrobe where the dictator’s bedsheets are kept. There is a VIP area in there too with very expensive grey furniture for The First Family. The VIP area has five seats reserved  for his security detail and his doctor, there you also have his entrance, and the cockpit accommodates the captain, first officer and two engineers ( Flight engineer and ground engineer). There seats at the back of the aircraft too, eight of which are reserved for junior members of his security detail, there are two extra restrooms too, the one situated up in the front near the cockpit is for VIP and the one at the back is for his security detail.

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Jammeh Green Plane

Above is Jammeh’s Ilyushin 62. According to google search, Ilyushin 62 is a soviet long-range narrow body jet airliner conceived in 1960 by Ilyushin. Dictator Jammeh’s Ilyushin can accommodate up to 56 passengers, like the Boeing 767 100, the Ilyushin also has a bedroom with two separate beds and a rest room. The flight has five cabin crews members, four Gambians and a Russian lady who is said to be the wife of the captain. The cockpit has six people, four Russians and two from Uzbekistan. The flight also has a kitchen and two extra toilets.


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More information will follow about dictator Jammeh’s old aircrafts.







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