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Innovating for Change: The Story of Mariama Sarge and Her Solar-Powered Cart

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By: Kodou Jeng Gaye

In the bustling streets of The Gambia, Mariama Sarge, a dedicated member of Women in STEM, has introduced a groundbreaking innovation: the Multifunctional Solar-Powered Cart. Recognizing the challenges faced by street vendors—unhealthy eating habits, difficulties accessing markets, and high unemployment—Mariama set out to create a sustainable, mobile solution.

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Her cart is powered by a robust solar system, enabling it to function day and night, and includes features such as a fridge, fruit presser, and rechargeable bulbs. This invention not only ensures clean and healthy food for consumers but also provides vendors with a reliable means to sustain their businesses and support their families. Additionally, the cart promotes environmental sustainability by utilizing renewable energy.

Mariama commends the leadership of Women in STEM for their tremendous work in creating a platform that empowers women and girls to venture into STEM fields and contribute to national development. “The support and resources provided by Women in STEM have been invaluable,” she says. “They’ve created an environment that fosters innovation and encourages us to pursue ambitious projects.”

The impact of Mariama’s invention extends beyond technology. It creates sustainable jobs, supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and generates stable income for vendors. Mariama’s journey from concept to creation is a testament to the empowering environment fostered by Women in STEM. The organization has provided her with the support, resources, and community necessary to bring her innovative ideas to life.

Mariama’s story serves as a powerful inspiration for young girls aspiring to enter STEM fields. She encourages them to believe in their ideas, stay curious, and seek out supportive communities. Through her work, Mariama exemplifies the significant role women in STEM can play in driving social change and addressing community needs. Her Multifunctional Solar-Powered Cart stands as a beacon of innovation, resilience, and the transformative power of empowerment.

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Kodou Jeng Gaye
President and Founder
Women in STEM Gambia 🇬🇲

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