Monday, July 22, 2024

IGP Touray Vows to Eradicate Land Disputes, Hate Speech, and Insults to Leaders

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By: Dawda Baldeh

The new Inspector General of Police (IGP), Seedy Mukhtar Touray, has vowed to eradicate land disputes, hate speech, and insults to leaders and elders, among other issues. IGP Touray made these remarks at his maiden press conference since his appointment three months ago.

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Speaking with determination to restore confidence in security, IGP Touray listed his priorities, including land disputes, drug abuse, hate speech, indiscipline, tribal sentiments, and insults to elders and leaders.

“The issues of land disputes, hate speech, insults to leaders and elders, tribal sentiments, and drug abuse are areas we will work to combat soon,” IGP Touray told reporters. He reminded Gambians to inculcate discipline in their children to address issues directed at people based on disagreements. He also emphasized that democratic freedom comes with personal responsibilities and urged people to be responsible.

“We have been taught from childhood to be respectful to elders, and we must do that. Disagreements are normal, but what is not normal is the lack of respect,” he emphasized.

He reminded people of the cultural discipline that elders embraced. For him, embracing those cultural values will help address most of the recent issues.

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“Insulting our elders and leaders must end in this country, and we will do it without any selective justice. Anyone who wants to challenge what I say and go and insult elders and leaders, we as the police will deal with you without fear or favor,” he vowed.

He also vowed to address land issues in the country and warned traditional rulers not to issue land documents to multiple people. “If you issue the same land documents to innocent people, we will deal with you, and this goes to all other officials. We will not be lenient on this matter,” he added.

On drug trafficking and peddling, IGP Touray said the recent arrests of individuals at the Banjul International Airport are concerning. He warned dealers and peddlers of tougher measures. “We will make sure no stone is left unturned.”

He appealed to Gambians to continue supporting the police to make The Gambia safe for all. Touray also made resounding promises to the public to restore trust and confidence.

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